Intermicronationalwey Unionwey
Flag of the Intermicronational Union

Ithwey uswey, ebey uswey.
Capital city Urepey Ebblepey Ornercey, Empirewey ofwey Ywalkistanskey
Largest city Urepey Ebblepey Ornercey, Empirewey ofwey Ywalkistanskey
Official language(s) Englishwey (Officialwey)
Established 12/2/2016
Population 48

Ethey Intermicronationwey Unionwey (alsowey ownkney aswey ethey Unionwey orwey ethey IMU) iswey anwey associationwey ofwey icronationsmey omfrey aroundwey ethey orldwey. Itwey aswey oundedfey onwey Ecemberdey 2, 2016.


  • Anywey ospectiveprey ountrycey ustmey abidewey ybey allwey embermey ountries'cey andley aimscley.
  • Anywey ospectiveprey country must be at peace with all member countries.
  • Anywey ospectiveprey ountrycey ouldshey avehey atwey eastley 5 itizenscey. Oweverhey, ethey umberney ancey ebey aswey owley aswey 2.
  • Oteney: Easepley acepley oinjey equestsrey onwey ethey associatedwey alktey agepey.


Onwey Ecemberdey 2, 2016 ethey IMU aswey establishedwey. Atwey ethey imetey, ethey Empirewey ofwey Ywalkistanwey aswey ethey onlywey embermey. Oonsey afterwey, ethey Incipalityprey ofwey Aronnegey andwey ethey Unitedwey Ederationfey ofwey Ornelosfey oinedjey ethey Unionwey onwey Ecemberdey 12, 2016 andwey Ecemberdey 14, 2016, espectivelyrey. Aswey ofwey Ecemberdey 16, 2016 ethey agfley aswey angedchey. Alsowey, aswey ofwey Ecemberdey 16, ethey Unionwey iswey againstwey (utbey otney atwey arwey ithwey inwey anywey aywey) ethey Intercommunistwey Unionwey ofwey Icronationsmey. Onwey Ecemberdey 17, 2016, ethey Aronybey ofwey Oyflenvey oinedjey ethey Unionwey. Ethey ollowingfey aydey, ethey Epublicrey ofwey Ynaanwey oinedjey ethey Unionwey.


Map of the Intermicronational Union

This map shows the location of the micronations in the IMU. Red represents where the mainland is and green represents any territory.

Flag Nation Head of State Capital Date joined Population
Flag of the Empire of Skywalkistan Empirewey ofwey Ywalkistanskey Ylertey Ywalkerskey Urepey Ebblepey Ornercey Ecemberdey 2, 2016 25 [nb 1]
Principality of Garonne Incipalityprey ofwey Aronnegey Antoinewey Acazeley Ómkarey Ecemberdey 12, 2016 5
Final Unitedwey Ederationfey ofwey Ornelosfey Anidey Estwey Ornelosfey Ecemberdey 14, 2016 6
VoyflenFlag Aronybey ofwey Oyflenvey Illiamwey Istangrey Ecemberdey 17, 2016 2
Wynaan Epublicrey ofwey Ynaanwey Atrickpey Ightningley Efarey Ecemberdey 18, 2016 10
  1. Ywalkistanskey ashey 26 itizenscey, oweverhey onewey ofwey emthey iswey awey itizencey ofwey Aronnegey.

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