Isle of St. Morrison

Capital city To Be announced
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) None
Short name St. Morrison
Government Dictatorship
- Dictator Sir Geoffrey Oliver
Established February 28, 2012
Area claimed Aprox. 1/4 acres
Population 13 (As of 2012)

The Island Of St. Morrison is a recently created Micronation, located approximately 5 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean, in what is currently know as New Jersey. Despite the name, The Island Of St. Morrison is in fact not an island.


In July 2012, The Island Of St. Morrison joined together with surrounding lands, thus increasing its size drastically. As a result of the event the leaders declared that a new flag be made. The new flag consists of two halfs. The first half is light blue and the second half is dark blue. The line that separates the two goes from the top right corner to the bottom left corner of the flag. Located in the dark blue section of the flag is an eight pointed star. Like the original flag, the star is fully transparent to keep hold to the original meaning of the flag and the micronation as a whole.

Durring times in which the country is in a state of mourning the flag should be replaced with one where the normally transparent star is replaced with a solid black one.

National Anthem

To commemorate the first year of the Micronation's existence, a dear friend of the nation created a piece to be the national anthem of the Micronation. Unveiled on the day before the one year anniversary, the anthem entitled: "The Blinding Waters", was created with the mindset of a calming ocean view while still being strong and prideful of the nation. The name comes from the motto of the micronation: "The blinding waters welcome all."