the religion's story Edit

Deaajah flag

the 8th star is not shown on the flag, as the 7 stars are standing ahead of it to protect it, as it is the most important of the stars.

the great cat marvin of deaajah urged a group of 7 to go to an island and make a new country. this group then went to te island and declared it as deaajah, a utopian nation. the cat's suggestion lead to a whole new nation being created.

Marvin, the island cat is a cat who supposedly lead seven leaders to a create a new Utopian nation - and was born on the 6th of February 2014.

the first traces of the religion are from a nation called bellonia by fans of star Austin's cat. the religion was originally called circulism and had bare links with the cat. the circulism religion is now an extinct religion and is not in order.


the god as a young kitten

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