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Ivania'ß English is a modified version of English: If an "a" is making an "ay" sound, it is replaced by "æ". If it is not, then it stays the same. For example, "Ivania"would stay as "Ivania" but "cake" would become "cæke". If the letter "æ" is used, then any "y"'s next to it should be removed. If something is from somewhere or belongs to something, instead of "ish" etc. or " 's", " 'ß" is used. For example, "English" becomes "Engli'ß". If the letter "k" is used, it should be replaced by a "c". For example, "Kingdom" becomes "Cingdom". If the word "of" is used, it should be replaced by "ø' ". For example, "Kingdom of Ivania" becomes "Cingdom ø'Ivania". If the letter "c" or "s" make a "s" sound, then they should be replaced with "ç". However, a double "s" ("ss") should be replaced with "ß". The phoneme "th" should be replaced by "ð". For example, "ðe Bank ø'Ivania waç mæcing çevere loßeçaçðe Villain'ß bulletçðreatened to enter ðe head ø'anyone who would not pæ him.". Normal English: "The Bank of Ivania was making severe losses as the Villain's bullets threatened to enter the head of anyone who would not pay him."

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