Jakanian Green Party
Chairperson Oscar Lupton
Spokesperson Emperor Jack I
Founded May 30th 2013
Official colours Green
Ideologies Green Politics, Green Economics, Environmentalism, Byerism

The Green Party of the Empire of Jakania is the main Political Party of Jakania. It was formed on May 30th 2013 and has yet to get members. Its Ideologies are Green Economics, Green Politics and Environmentalism. It holds 1 out of 7 seats in the Jakanian Senate.


The Green Party was formed on May 30th 2013 to promote Environmentalism in Jakania as well as to all micronations that exist; there are yet to be actual members but he will advertise spots for Chairman, Secretary-General and Spokesperson. On June 3rd 2013, the Jakanian Green Party got a new logo - the new logo was adopted because it looked more professional than the previous logo.


June 2013

Political Party Winner
Jakanian Green Party ???
Jakanian Prosperity Party ???

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