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James I
1st President of the United States of Ding Dong,
Minister for Foreign Affairs and Relations and Minister for Defence
Place of birth: Hurstville, Australia
Macronationality: Australian
Micronationality: Ding Dongan, Vikeslandic
Residence: Oldenburg

James I is the first and current President of the United States of Ding Dong. He set up Ding Dong, and appointed Brodie Pentland the Vice-President of Ding Dong. He has a Numismatic Museum, which is estimated the largest Numismatic Collection in Oatley, and some tents, for shelter. He has a sister, who is a citizen of Oldenburg and Ding Dong as well, Eleanor. James I of the USDD is also a cartographer and small-scale historian. His cartography is usually maps of South East Asia, Europe, and Australia. When he had an accidental knife wound in January 2011, his Cartography was on a hold for a few weeks, but he  is now producing maps every day.


He was born in Hurstville, Australia, and was raised in Riverwood, Australia. When he was 4 years old, he moved to Oatley, and that is where he currently resides and where The United States of Ding Dong is situated. Eleanor is his (unidentical) twin. He is also a citizen of Vikesland.

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