CopyrightedThe nation of Jar is portable jar based micronation, generally located in Surrey, Canada. The population is based on the number of subcribers to the 'Deron For Super President' You Tube channel. The nation's aim it to conquer the universe and solve all of its problems.


Jar is a 'Super Presidency' (Sort of Absolute Monarchy / Nicer version of a Dictatorship) ruled by Deron. No democratic elections are held in the nation. Deron vowed to rewrite the laws of physics in his image once he had conquered the universe.


Pickles are the national dish. Jarians also praise the book 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle. SPC Deron famously one said....

'If you eat through all your problems and everything you do in life, everything will work out for you and you'll wake up better than ever, with the ablity to fly' Deron, Super Presidential Candidate

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Deron's 'Community Show' where he answers questions from the comments of his topical videos.

Youtube Channel

The  'Deron For Super President' You Tube channel is used by Deron to adress the Jarian community and to devlope his nation of Jar. Deron lets his citizens influence many aspects of the nation by awarding titles and running competitions.

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Derons runs a Friday Show for a topic video and answers comments on his Monday community show.