De Facto Jeeverland

Capital city None
Largest city N/A
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) None
Demonym None, though Citizens are often referred to as "Subjects" or "Royal/Loyal Subjects"
Government Oligarchy
Legislature His Highness, The King and His Excellency, The Prime Minister.
Established April 13, 2014, though she has existed, unofficially, for much longer.
Area claimed Approximately: 1 square acre + the depth and width of hearts of those who love her
Population Undisclosed
Currency U.S. Dollar
National sport None
National animal None
Patron saint None
Internet Domain None


Jeeverland was founded April 13, 2014, but has existed subtly and silently in the hearts and minds of her loyal subjects for some time.
Flag-of-Jeeverland 1

The flag of Jeeverland (Deminsions: 7x4)


Jeeverland (Officially "De Facto Jeeverland") is named after her first and only king, His Highness, King Jace, of Jeeverland.  Jeeves was an endeared nickname given him by a close friend and became synonymous with his birth name, thus "Jeeverland".


Jeeverland came in to existence Officially in mid April of 2014, when her founding documents were signed, though her history stretches back much further.

Government & Politics

Jeeverland is an Oligarchy run by "His Highness, The King" and "His Excellency, The Prime Minister".  She has a "Most Highest Ambassador" on extended stay in the State of California, a Head of Defense, Treasurer and Head of Humanitarian efforts. Little attention is payed to politics in Jeeverland.

Law & Order

The king currently serves as the Head of Law and it has been said he reserves the right to behead anyone he so desires. His decisions are final, unless retracted by he himself, but rarely carried out and entirely unenforceable by law.

Foreign Relations

Jeeverland is currently focusing on internal affairs and has neglected to make any foreign alliances.  While the Prime Minister is open to the idea of alliances it is doubtful "His Highness, The King" will be.  Nonetheless, nations interested in allying Jeeverland are encourages to do so.


Jeeverland has a standing military but as of yet has resolved to stay out of any and all conflict. 


Jeeverland has a labor based economy.


The citizens of Jeeverland speak English. The Jeeverland calendar has 14 months in a year, they are as follows: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November (1st.-16th.), Jeeverlanduary (1st., 2nd., and 3rd. (All of which are holidays)), November(2) (20th.-31st. or N2-1 - N2-11), and December. Jeverlanduary sports a holiday every day of the month. Jeeverlanduary starts off with "Prime Minister's Day" on the 1st. climaxes with "King's Day" on the 2nd. and winds down with "Ambassador's Day" on the 3rd.


Primarily American television is observed for entertainment of that sort.  Jeeverland has no newspapers, paid programing etc. of it's own.

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