His Royal Majesty
John II
Joanu II
King of Keltsvia

12th King of Keltsvia
Reign 20 September 799 -
18 October 836
(37 years and 28 days)
Predecessor Joseph II
Successor Mark I
Consort queen Gisela
Mark I
Dinasty Dinasty of Urseku
Father Joseph II
Mother Irene
Born 7 July 767
Vugalroge, Kingdom of Keltsvia
Died 18 October 836 (aged 69)
Vugalroge, Kingdom of Keltsvia
Religion Roman Catholicism

John II (Labwese: Joanu II, Latin: Iohannes II) was the twelfth king of Keltsvia and descendant of Urseku. His nickname was "The Gambler".

Early life

John was the oldest son of Joseph II of Keltsvia and his wife Irene, the daughter of the Byzantine Emperor, Leo III. He was known as a gambler, he enjoyed gambling. He also fought along with his father against Saxons for the Frankish Empire, nevertheless he was not a good warrior.

John II marriage and rule

On 796, John married Gisela, a daughter of Charlemagne. When his father died on 799, he became the new King of Keltsvia as John II. John II participated at the Vernisikia battle leading a group of Keltsvian soldiers to help the Byzantine Empire against the Bulgars but he was defeated by them. The children of John and Gisela were: Mary (b. 797), Anthony (b. 798), Charles (b. 800) and Mark (b. 802).

John II succession and death

The Crown Prince of Keltsvia was Anthony but he died at 9, the following was Charles, but he died at 19. The final Crown Prince and the successor of John II was his youngest son Mark. John II died on 836.

John II's ancestry


John II of Keltsvia
Born: 7 July 767 Died: 18 October 836
Preceded by:
Joseph II
King of Keltsvia
799 – 836
Succeeded by:
Mark I

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