His Majesty
John I of Saqqara
A crude image of King John I of Saqqara from a codex.
1st King of Saqqara
Preceded by: Throne Established
Succeded by: Declan I
Personal Information
Macronationality: British
Micronationality Atlantian, Theben, Saqqaraian
House: House of Edwards

His Majesty King John I of Saqqara was client monarch who ruled the client Kingdom of Saqqara. (A predecessor kingdom of Moylurg) John I was given the position by Declan I.  The reason for this was that Saqqara had materials that Atlantis wanted and Declan I realised he needed someone to make sure it was working and to defend it form a near by group. However the near by peoples (Later called the Kingdom of Thebes) wanted the materials too and a conflict broke out. He only reigned for a few weeks due to the fact that a war caused problems and Declan I decided to take the Saqqaraian throne himself in an attempt to stop the war. In the end Declan I took their land and people and created the Kingdom of Thebes with himself at its head. With the hostile group of people out of the way it was clear that Saqqara would not need a client king anymore. John I was not returned to the throne but was insted given important jobs within the new safer kingdoms.