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Jonism is the official state political ideology of the Democratic People's Republic of Jonitoria and is the political thesis of "The Great Comrade," General Marshal Jonathan W. Huehner.

Jonism Propaganda

Jonism propaganda poster (entirely lifted from an old Chinese propaganda poster) promoting the use of the philosophy in improving state-run factory production output.

Since 2009, Jonism has since been elaborated upon by General Marshal Huehner into a set of principles used by the state to justify policy decisions. These principles clearly outline a need for total independence in decision-making, a godless and irreligious state, the advancement of a planned economy, the abolition of classes and the critique of social cliques, the establishment of "industrial armies" and the expansion of communism.


Jonism was originally devised as General Marshal Huehner's overall critique of social cliques (goth, emo, prep, jock, etc.) and the stressing need for individualism, something General Marshal Huehner felt was lacking in the current communist movement. This belief in individualism was fueled by General Marshal Huehner's experiences in school through the feeling of alienation and rejection by other peers. General Marshal Huehner felt that social cliques were a root cause of this prejudice and sought the need to criticize and, at the same time, emphasize the need for self-guidance in a collectivized society.

Ideology and practical application

According to General Marshal Huehner's speech, On Implementing and Expanding the Ideals of Jonism, Jonism can be easily summed up in three passages:

  • Criticize and abolish social cliques; humanity needs to overcome this obstacle in order to advance itself.
  • Individuality needs to be emphasized and voiced strongly; independence from other wayward groups is a must.
  • Plan ahead and ready one's self for the future; future needs require planning, no matter how big or small the need is.

Jonism maintains that while the state must be self-reliant and completely independent, the people should continue to help one another and overcome any and all problems as a team. Official DPRJ records state that the Jonism ideology was initially applied during the early days of the First Jonitorian Five-Year Economic Plan and this kind of thinking later created the Jonitorian Work System, the state's own method for providing incentives for workers and maintaining good working conditions.

Relations with other ideologies

In 2009, the Communist Constitution of the DPRJ made Jonism the official state ideology and cited Marxism-Leninism, Trotskyism, Maoism, Guevarism, Ho Chi Minh Ideology and Kimilsungism (Juche) as contributing factors in the creation of the Jonism ideology (the non-communist philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche is also mentioned as an influence).

State publications on Jonsim

The DPRJ has published several pamphlets describing the Jonism philosophy and freely distributes this written information throughout the country. Note: This is only a list of the known pamphlets to exist.

On Implementing and Exanding the Ideals of Jonsim (speech by General Marshal Huehner)

Jonism: An Introduction

Nation Building and Jonsim

Overcoming Any Problem with Jonism

Think, Create and Alter Your Surroundings by Using the Philosophy of Jonism

On the Art of Jonism

Jonism is a Science (introduction by Prime Minister Earl Huehner)

Military Matters: A Brief Discussion of How Jonism Will Impact and Shape Our Military

How to Use Jonism as a Weapon

Jonism and the Media: How Individuality, Total Independence, Self-Reliance and Self-Suffciency Will Replace Fox "News"

Jonism's Foundations

Jonism On Jonism

Working with Jonism: How You Can Be the Best at Your Job by Using Jonism as a Tool

Jonism in Space: Conquering the Stars with Individuality, Total Independence, Self-Reliance and Self-Suffciency

Jonism: The Movie

I Can't Believe I Did That! How Jonism Made Kathy Lee Gifford Regret Her Life

Do Things Your Own Way: Be Yourself by Using Jonism to Help Create Your Own Individual

Jonism: The Unknown Ideal

Combating Ayn Rand's Nonsensical Narcissism: 10 Easy Ways to Confront an Objectivist by Using Jonism

Marital Problems? Try Jonism!

Eating with Individuality and Self-Reliance: How Your Eating Habits, Cooking and Diet Can Be Improved with Jonism

Finding Bigfoot: Jonism's Simple Solution to Man's Greatest Mystery

Jonism: The Movie Part II - Electric Boogaloo

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks: How Jonism Can Teach a Pet Anything

Fighting Bill Gates: How Jonism Can Enhance Your Windows 7 Experience

Battle Redundancy with Jonism: Jonism Can Battle Redundancy by Using Redundancy

Trouble Sleeping? Use Jonism To Fall Asleep and Wake-Up Well

Karl Marx and Jonism: A Compelling Comparison

Jonism: The Final Chapter - How Dying Can Be Individually-Driven, Totally Independent, Self-Reliant and Self-Sufficiant

Jonism and the Proletarian Path to Progress: How the New Economic Plan of Thought will Impact You and Benefit Our Guiding State Ideology

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