Jugoslavenska Civilna Avijacija (eng. Yugoslav Civil Aviation, JUCA or YUCA) is a civil aviation administration of the Communist Federative Republic of Yugoslavia. It is a successor to DCACK by the former Kingdom of Central Korea. It serves the New Yugoslav airspace until 4500 feet.

Controlled Airports

Controlled Airlines

Registered Aircrafts

Below is the list of aircrafts registered using a normal procedure by YUCA. Temporary-registered aircrafts are not shown:

- CK - VAA (TBA July 2017)

- CK - VAD (TBA July 2017)

- CK - VAE (TBA July 2017)

- B&H Airlines CK - VAB (operated by UAV) (TBA July 2017)

- CK - VAC (TBA July 2017)

- CK - VAF (TBA)


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