Juliana Benedetti
Portrait of Juliana Benedetti
Minister of Labour of Pasargada
Personal Information
Born: January 22, 1982 (aged 27)
Birthplace: São Bernardo, SP (Brazil)
Active since: 2003
Macronationality: Brazilian
Micronationality Pasargada (2003-04, 2005, 2008-)
Azores (2004-05)
URSS (2005-06)
German Empire (2007)
Political Party: Social Democracy

Juliana Benedetti is a micronationalist and Minister of Labour of the Free Community of Pasargada, known for her indulgent and ecumenical character.

One of most cosmopolitan lusophone micronationalists, Juliana was initiated in micronationry as an active and undogmatic Pasargadan, in december 2003. She has begun as publisher for Slok Post, a Sloborskaia´s newspaper. She is creator of Chocobo´s race, the most famous sloborskaian virtual sport. Initially affiliated to the Pasargadan Federalist Alliance, later, in 2004, she and other Pasargadans launched the Mother Joana House, a satirical initiative that opposed Pasargadan politics and political parties with irony and sarcasm.

For a short period, she has gone to the United Kingdom of Azores, a small lusophone micronation, acting as its Chancellor. In 2005, back to Pasargada, joined Felipe Aron and André Cyranka, their usual political companions, in a campaign that culminated in the secession of Sloborskaia from Pasargada. Thus, as Sloborskaia joined Bervania to constitute URSS, she has helped that new project, which ultimately would fail one year later, in 2006.

In june 2007, she decided to return to micronationry, now at the German Empire, another modest simulationist nation of lusophone sector. This time, she headed a religious initiative mixing cristianism, voodoo and satanism, founding the Last Days of our Holy Father Almighty Olorum Yeovah Elohim All Saints Church (HFAMOYEASC). With african roots, although quite serious, the new cult has had only three members.

In august 2008, as Sloborskaia once again was incorporated to Pasargada, she returned to the Free Community, almost immediately joining Pasargadan Heart, the acting majority party, under Felipe Aron´s government. She activated fully only in mids 2009 and now the Pasargadan Juliana is an important part of the new cabinet of Premier José Luiz Borrás, as Minister of Labour and Activity.

Moreover, she and reunián Luiz Azambuja administrate the "Red Light House", a suggestive project of micronational concupiscence based in West Porto Claro.

After being a member of three very-different Pasargadan Houses, Pasargadan Heart, Federalist Alliance and Pasargadan World (extinct), in july 2009 she finally entered brand-new Social Democracy, being the only Pasargadan to affiliate to four different political parties.

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