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June Revolution
Date June 1, 2011
Location Huntorian Plateau, Shade City
  • Huntorian Government overthrown
  • FNCP comes into power
  • Unironia Becomes fully independent
FNCPFNCP Revolutionaries Royalist Army of Robinsinshire
Red banner pro-Revolutionary milita

Casualties and losses
1 injured none

The June Revolution occured on June 1, 2011 and was led by the FNCP a revolution that not only began a new Unironic Government but began modern Unironic history by sparking the people of Unironia to really declare their independence. this revolution also led to the creation of the Unironic People`s Republic. The June Revolution is also considered a landmark event in Unironic history representing the rise to modernazation.


-11:30 AM: The Army gathers in Shade City to begin the take over.

-12:00 PM: The Army marches on the royalist held ancient royal palace.

-12;26 AM: Royalist forces surrender, new govenment proclaimed.

-12:30 PM: Victory march through Shade City and the Area now called Blackington.


Today in Unironia, there is a official National Holiday to commerate the revolution called Revolution Day it is celebrated on June 1st of every year.