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Repubblica Di Justiceland/ Justiceland Republic

Iustitia Regnat
Hevia No Man's Land
Capital city Franchinopoli
Largest city Franchinopoli
Official language(s) Italian, French, English is also used.
Official religion(s) No official Religion
Short name Justiceland
Government Direct Democracy with a President (head of the state)
- President of Justiceland Republic Hon.Franci Cast
- Prime Minister Hon.Avendil D'azua
Legislature Senat
- Type - Direct Democracy
- Number of seats - All citizens
- Last election - every years (for president of the Republic and of the Senat)
Established 1/01/2011
Population 10
Currency Justiceland Lira (1Jl=2 euros)
Time zone GTM+1
National sport Felcing

Justiceland is a republic with a direct democracy system. The country was founded on the 1st January 2011 by the actual President. The nation doesn't claim any land because it's a virtual country (for the moment). Justiceland's law and constitution is based on the European and Italian law system, and the country has a Mediterranean tradition. Justiceland's official languages are Italian and French. English is used only for external communication, but all culture and languages are accepted.

Justiceland has an armed force and a police force, which protect the constitution and the country (that means also the citizens). For the moment, most posts are vacant and all new citizens can take these posts.


Republic of Justiceland
Repubblica di Justiceland
official flag
Language: Italian and French, English is also spoken.
Political system: Direct Democracy
Head of the State: President of the Republic
Formation: 1 January 2011
Population: 10
Currency: Justiceland lira ( 1 Jl = 2 euros)
Time Zone: UTC+1

1 - The Republic of Justiceland is a democratic country based on direct democracy.

2 - Everyone is born free and equal, there are no privileges for top government officials and the law is equal for everyone. Justiceland respects the universal rights of men

3 - The highest office of state is the president of the republic, followed by the President of the Senate and the President of the Council of Ministers assisted by his ministers.The president is elected every year by direct universal suffrage and a single candidate to be elected president has to have 51 percent of the votes. Once elected, the President shall appoint all ministers. The President of the Senate is elected every year too as the same way as the president.

4 - The judge should not be affected by the policy and therefore can not participate in elections as candidates, if not giving up their role. The policeman and armed forces member may participate in elections and have a political position only if this does not affect their work.

5 - Justiceland not recognize war as a solution and never will apply except for protecting us from other enemies. The armed forces include the army, navy and air force.

6 - Justiceland has, as official languages, Italian and French. English is used only as a language for communication with foreign countries.

7 - A law can be passed only after the vote in the Senate, if it is accepted, it goes to the council of ministers, if it's accepted goes to the president of the republic to end up before the Constitutional Court which, if approved, makes it official. If one of these players do not endorse the bill then the project is rescinded or modified in accordance with the proposals.

8 - The national economy is not based on the capitalist economy. You can not dismiss personnale if not for a valid reason, the risk of bankruptcy, serious error etc. ...Each case is subject to an authorisation delivered by the court of work, which taking each case individually.

9 - The citizenship, once received, can be lose just on the desire of the citizen or for a sentence. After a sentence, citizenship can be lost for a predetermined time or forever. The multi citizenship is recognized and should not be absolutely discriminatory.

10 - No extreme political tendency (extreme left or right) is legal. Constitutional court and the police determine whether someone is an extremist, and the court is determining whether the laws are too extreme to be accepted.



He's eleted every year by Justiceland's citizen.

Now the presidente is Franci Castelvecchi, he's the founder of Justiceland.The President form every year a new government, and he has the executive power and some of the legislative power (together with the Senate).


He is appointed every year by the President, and it has part of the executive power (together with the President). The government has to rule the normal task of each ministries and their agencies (police, defense force...).

There are 6 ministries:

-Prime Minister

-Defence Minister

-Minister of the Interior

-Minister of Justice

-Minister of Foreign Affairs

-Minister of Economy, .


Every citizens can participe at the political life of Justiceland. To join the Senat there are no election because all citizens can propose a law or contest a law without intermediary. The political system is a direct democracy republic.

The Senat elegies every year the Senat's President and also the President.


Every one can become a citizen, you have just to fill out a form on Justiceland's website (cittadinanza/ citizenship).After becoming citizen you can participate at all of Senat conferense, propose law..., you can also become a military, a policeman, a judge...[1]

You can be citizen of another micronation if you what to, and the country is based on their citizen, the government and the president work for them. Every citizen can give an important help to build the PERFECT country.


Homeland securityEdit

Justiceland has a police force. The police force must enforce the law on Justiceland forums and Justiceland futur Territory.The police is commanded by a Prefect, he is appointed by the Minister of the Interior every year.


Armed forcesEdit

There are 4 branch of armed forces: army, air force, navy, military intelligence.

The armed forces are commanding by a generale appointed by Justiceland president for one year. [3]

The army has to defend Justiceland territory and she has an president guard reggiment, she is commanded by a General appointed by the Minister of Defence.

Justiceland armed forces accademy


The Republic has a primary mediterranean, more particularly Italian, culture and traditions. The education is an important thing for our country, we believe that a great education can make great men (and also women) who might, one day, rule the country.

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