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Kamp Basca flag

Flag of Kamp Basca

Kamp Basca, pronounced ( Kaaa-emp Baaass-kaah) officialy Kamp Basca District Capital (D.C) is the current capitals of Bascal. It is the second largest city by size and third busiest by population in Bascal . Kamp Basca is one of the original districts of Bascal.The current governor is Amir Syafiq. It is located south of Singapore Street A.D and north of Rowhing district.


  • Governor : Amir Syafiq
  • Population : 3 people (de facto)
  • Area : unknown
  • Founded : 2005
  • Rulling party : B.D.P

Notable buildings and locations in Kamp BascaEdit

  • Parliament building
  • Police HQ
  • Kamp Basca park
  • Indipendence square
  • Bicycle parking
  • Wall of Bascal (also known as White wall or gate wall)


Kamp Basca is divided into 3 area's that is

  1. Green Road area
  2. Blackpepper area
  3. Shahomi area

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