KasimoviablankflagKasimovia coat of arms

One Nation, One People, One World
Le Boudin
Capital city Kostenburg
Largest city Nav'ro
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Secularism
Demonym Kasimovian
Government Confederate Republic and Direct Democracy
- Federal President Sebastian Schriber
- Federal Chancellor William Harker
Legislature Federal Assembly of Kasimovia
Population 17
Currency Denar
Time zone GMT + 0 (UTC + 1)
National drink Natural Water
National animal Fox

The Kasimovian Confederation or commonly known as Kasimovia is a Federal Republic consisting of 7 cantons, with Kostenburg as the seat of Federal Authority. The micronation is situated in England and the Republic of South Africa. Kasimovia is one of the most richest micronations with a high annual GDP. Also noted for its renowned health service with many citizens part of the United Kingdom's national health service. It is one of the largest importers and exporters in the intermicronational community as well as having one of the lowest citizen tax rates. It is a landlocked nation, surrounded by the United Kingdom and South Africa. Geographically split by the Eastern Hills. The dense population area is the lower Kostenburg, situated in a valley where most citizens reside. It has not been involved in a conflict for three years and is de-facto neutral in all wars. However, it has a very active foreign policy and is involved in numerous aid missions and peace keeping operations. It is a founding member of the Intermicronational Fishing Association and the Free Micronational Organization. The Confederation has many ties with the Saxon Empire and the Realm Under Freyja. Divided up into Afrikaans and English speaking areas, however, it is a predominantly English speaking country. Kasimovia was officially founded on the 16th of March, of which is Kasimovia National Day.</p>


State Hood

Kasimovia abides by the Montevideo Convention to authenticate state hood and only recognizes and conducts diplomatic relations with nations that are regulated by the convention. Kasimovia claims to be semi-sovereign of South Africa and the United Kingdom whilst maintaining its stance in the Ashukov Federation.

According to the Montevideo Convention the state as a person of international law should possess the following qualifications: (a) a permanent population; (b) a defined territory; (c) government; and (d) capacity to enter into relations with the other states.

Founding (July - December 2012)


Cärrum's flag.

Kasimovia was founded under the name Cärrum by Sebastian Schriber on the 26th of July, 2012. After discussions with the Emperor of the Saxon Empire, the government of Cärrum decided to give up their sovereignty and join the Saxons. Cärrum was known to be quite blunt and lead the Saxon Empire to war and was an extremely patriotic nation. The Saxon Empire soon fell inactive and the government decided that it was time to leave the Saxon Empire for good. Usually the old nation anthem and German march song 'Alte Kameraden' is played in memory of the Saxon Empire days at government gatherings.

Amatine Confederation (December - February 2013)

After a long spell of instability and in activeness the government came across a growing community known as the Confederation of St. Luke and Amager. The government needed a higher entity to rely to keep stable and active in and so on the 2nd of December, Cärrum applied to join Amager around the same time as Akharnes. Amager looked ideal to the outside but inside it was clear that the political morass of different opinions did not go well. Many people clashed and argued and the state was falling. Once again, the government decided to leave after it disagreed with many laws that were being passed in Amager. On February 2013 the government declared full independence from Amager and went through another time of being unstable. The time in Amager is usually referred to as the golden years and it is noted that after Kasimovia's time in the Confederation the government became much more liberal.

Soon after Kasimovia, on April 6th 2013, Doshevika declaring independence meant the end for Amager. Too many nations were leaving and it was clear that the once glorious Confederation was failing and at the end of its time. The Federal Assembly disbanded the Confederation of St. Luke and Amager on the same day.



The government of Kasimovia operates around a Confederal unicameral system. The legislative power is the Federal Assembly of Patrice Lumumba which is the only power able to pass laws for the state. There are three main political parties in Kasimovia. These include the National Front, Save Earth Party and the Worker's Liberation Force. All of which have an approximate equal balance of power of the country.

Foreign Relations

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Ashukov Federation deals with most formal exchanges with other nations. However, Kasimovia does engage in a number of informal relations with other states. The following countries have informal relations with Kasiomvia:

  • Flag freya Freya
  • Molossia flag Molossia
  • Snilandish Flag 2 Sniland
  • Flag of Montania Montania (Ashukovo)
  • Akharnes flag Akharnes (Ashukovo)
  • Aetos flag Aetos (Ashukovo)
  • Flag of Dalton Dradelia (Ashukovo)

There are also a number of states with limited recognition that Kasimovia pledges informal support for, these are the following:

  • Tibet Flag Tibet
  • Flag of Palestine svg Palestine
  • Taiwanflag Republic of China (Taiwan)
  • Flag of Nagorno-Karabakh.svg Nagorno-Karabakh


Kasimovia under Federal Law is not permitted a military by the government of Ashukov. However, it is allowed a militia of which is named the Kasimovian National Defense Militia, or the KN-DM for short. It has currently never been in an engagement but fills the job of law enforcement by policing the state. Able bodied citizens, over the age of 14, are required for service to the KN-DM. However, a bulk of personnel comes from England. The army posses air rifles, shotguns and a number of improvised weapons. It has one fighting vehicle, the BAK-104, a light armored infantry support cart.


The Confederacy remains one of the most economically strongest micronations. With an annual budget of £150 it has a stable and prosperous economy. The Gross Domestic Product is generally high and has a high quality of life. The tertiary sector is dominant with the defense contractor Mirrage Defense International leading employment with around three nations using its services, not including Kasimovia itself. Population growth from net immigrant is medium and taxes are extremely low.

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