Kasimovian Militia
Flag of Kasimovia
Active 2013–present
Country Kasimovia
Allegiance Kasimovia
Role Land force
Size 15
Garrison/HQ Kostenburg National Barracks
Nickname Daksina Rifles
Motto March on to the trumpets of the free
Colors Orange, Turquoise, White
March Alte Kameraden
Anniversaries June 19th 2013
Flying hours 7
Federal President Sebastian Schriber
Ceremonial chief President Joseph Kennedy
Air Commodore William Horker
Aircraft flown
Vatra 12 - UAV
Patrol Cessna 172
The Kasimovian Miltia is the armed forces of the Kasimovian Confederacy. They form the bulk of the Ashukov military and have yet to be involved in conflict. They are one of the most advanced micronational militaries. It's Cheif of Staff is Sebastian Schriber and is run by the Ministry of Defense. It is primarily used as a police force and border control unit. It is a conscription military force.

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