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Kayenay is a micronation in western Canada, made by Kasra, that has not yet officially declared independence but unofficially declared it on November 20th, 2017.


Kasra's Shed

the earliest part of kayenay was called 'Kasra's Shed'.

set up in mid-2015, it had a desk, small extra space, a teddy doghouse (Kasra was only a small kid that time), and a mini-library. the reason why Kasra created it was because he knew his flipped upside-down bed was going to be useless (except sleeping) if he didn't do anything


later, the "shed" became useless and eventually got cleared out. luckily, at that time, there was still evidence that it existed. but we'll get to that later

The New Shed

Unnamed Fort

a few years later, Kasra thought that he should remake the "shed", with improvements. it didn't have a name, but it was what Kasra claimed "a secret fort".

Fort Kasra

soon, the fort was named "Fort Kasra", and turned into something like a country, even though it wasn't a nation at that time.

it had a flag, a coat and arms (which was really bad), and a governing body (sorta).

The KNA Plan and Fort KNA

when Kasra had some friends over, 2 of them decided to help, names being 'Nikan' and 'Artin'. they first cleared out all the stuff in there, then re-arranged it.

then it got out of hand, and soon, Artin quit.

so soon Nikan and Kasra made a plan, called the KNA Plan, and they re-arranged it again to follow the plan in Kasra's sketchbook.

soon, they renamed it to Fort KNA, consisting of the 3 originals, Kasra, Nikan, and Artin.

if you're confused, use this image for Kayenay name origins.

Evidence Removal

soon, Kasra got rid of the evidence about Kasra's shed, not because he thought it should be secret, but because he thought they thought it was 'useless'. but now, Kasra regrets doing that, because now it's hard for him to explain history to others

New Nation, Micronational Unions

soon Kasra looked at a lot of other micronations, and decided to create a nation. so he made a government, a flag, named it Kayenay, based on the name KNA, made himself Supreme Minister, then wrote a Creation Claimation, that technically says that Fort KNA is a claim of Kayenay, an independent nation (later revised to say unofficially independent). soon, Kayenay joined the Union Of Micronations, Then the Micronational Assembly. then, Kasra helped his friend that wanted to create a micronation as a protest to their school for not letting students go on Tobbogan Hill, a city-owned hill, because of ice, and how most of the time, there wasn't even any ice on it. The FME (later FMR, then FMC as a colony of Kayenay) claimed all of Tobbogan Hill, except for two small parts, which were claimed by Kayenay.

The Rough December Age of Kayenay

soon, kayenay changed it's flag, then changed it's name to Centrist Micropiece of Kayenay. then, the Constitution was created. but then, during the MA Conflicts, Kayenay got kicked out of the MA, along with Levonia and Asmus. since then, Levonia and Asmus have rejoined, (Asmus resigning from the MA shortly after it's transition to the Jessup Dynasty) but Kayenay is still trying to rejoin. soon, Kayenay joned the KC. then, the Elections for Prime Minister started, with the king of Pynchester, Dave Schiener, and Kai-Kingston Ford. now, we will start going pretty fast. Kayenay joins the IA, Gets concerned with Semersooq, then the new year.

Rough January Age of Kayenay

everything is gonna get crazy.

first, His friend resigns as the leader of the FMR, so Kasra becomes leader, then turns the FMR into the FMC, a Kayenayan colony.

Kayenay gets suspicious with the newly created Jessup Dynasty (NAE), then soon, the IA mysteriously disappears. then, Dave Scheiner gets elected Prime Minister, while Kayenay was working on the KNA Expansion Act of 2018. however, these are important stuff, way more things happened than just this.

Progressive Age of Kayenay, and Present

In February, Kayenay activated the Expansion Act, Expanding Fort KNA claims, creating New KNA. it also slightly changed the government, making it into a Republic/Monarchy mix (renaming Supreme Minister to M-President), and renaming it to the New Micro-Republic of Kayenay.Kayenay started printing the Minibit Currency and made the IMCOC. soon, Kayenay joined the Anti-FSR coalition, an Anti-Nazi coalition. along with joining the coalition, Kayenay Created a Spy Micronation, along with joining the coalition, called the Great Kaisserreich of Fuhrer Kuh.

Now, Kayenay is working on military weapons and uniforms, along with other things, like:

  • IMCOC (Cyber-olympics)
  • Diplomatic Relations
  • an ERS (Emergency Revery system) in cases of emergencies, and having to restore previous governments
  • Making Kayenayan recipies
  • dealing with the FSR and Asmus
  • being cool
  • KAYENAY CAN INTO SPACE (with finding a way to use weather balloons)

Diplomatic Relations

Friends (Allies)

some of Kayenay's allies are

some micronations that aren't really allies with Kayenay but Kayenay likes are


some of Kayenay's Disliked Micronations are:

  • Semersooq (unknown if still exists)
  • old Japanese micronations
  • Ministopia (partially)
  • Wustro-Gradonia