Keltsvia Freedom Army
Kelcvjalur Rifekarme

Flag of Keltsvian nationalism

Active 1 January 1992 – 15 June 2008 (16 years and 166 days)
Leader Commander Urseku
Headquarters Unknown
Motives The creation of an independent Keltsvian state in the regions of Mogilev and Smolensk.
Ideology Keltsvian nationalism
Area of operations Keltsvian regions of Belarus and Russian Federation
Status Dissolved after Independence of Keltsvia
Opponents Flag of Russia Government of Russian Federation

Flag of Belarus Government of Belarus

The Keltsvia Freedom Army (Labwese: Kelcvjalur Rifekarme) was an armed Keltsvian nationalist and separatist organization. The group was founded in 1992. The group is responsible for the killing, injuring and kidnapping of politicians. The group was considered a terrorist organization. Some of their members are incarcerated in prisons of Russia, Belarus and other former USSR countries.

Political support

Some Keltsvian nationalist parties were considered the political wing of the KFA (KRA in Labwese). The following political parties were declared illegal for that reason:

  • Keltsvjafewte (Keltsvian nation).
  • Rifkeltsvja (Free Keltsvia).
  • Keltsvjapartje (Keltsvian Party).
  • Rifeke'partje (Party of Freedom).
  • Urseku'Legje (Legion of Urseku).

KFA actions

The KFA was formed by guerrillas operating mostly in the forests but sometimes they provoked bombings on the cities of Mogilev and Smolensk. The forests of Keltsvian regions were unsafe during the activity of the KFA. The leader of the KFA, nicknamed Commander Urseku, was the also the speaker of the group and sended videos to the governments of Belarus and Russia explaining their actions.

Dissolution of the KFA

After the Independence of Keltsvia, Commander Urseku announced the end of the armed struggle of the KFA because it didn't have any reason to exist. The identity of the Commander Urseku is still unknown, but the Keltsvian authorities and the governments of Russia and Belarus are investigating for his crimes. Keltsvia gained the respect of the international community saying that the government of Keltsvia would send him to the International Criminal Court of The Hague.

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