Keltsvia Legions
Kelcvjalur Legjex (KL)
Leader Hlodveku Baldwinsinu
Founded 12 November 2013
Headquarters Smaljensk
Youth wing Young Legionnaires
Ideology Fascism
Official colors Black
Seats in the Parliament of Keltsvia 0/101

Keltsvia Legions (Labwese: Kelcvjalur Legjex; Russian: Келцвиянские Легионы; Romavian: Lēgias Caeltsvianas) is a political party founded by Hlodveku Baldwinsinu. The main goal of this party is promote ultranationalism and militarism through the veneration to the State and a strong leader and achieve and autarky with a mixed to transform Keltsvia in a self-sufficient country. They use the Celtic cross as a party symbol because of the links of the Keltsvian culture with Celtic culture in Ancient times. Their logo still uses the old orthography as they are against the language reforms.

Latest electionsEdit

Keltsvia Legions obtained 22 out of 101 seats in 2014 elections, being the leading opposition party. On 2015, they had no representation on the Parliament.

Political ideology chartEdit


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