Kenjiu is the main language spoken in Mitlostia. It is in the Latin family of languages. It is quite easy to learn, and it has a simple alphabet. This language was made up when travelling to Mitlostia because the sailors on the boat were bored.

Alphabet: Aa-Áá-Bb-Cc-Dd-Ee-Éé-Ff-Gg-Hh-Ii-Íí-Jj-Kk-Ll-Mm-Nn-Oo-Óó-Pp-Qq-Rr-Ss-Śś-Tt-Uu-Úú-Vv-Ww-Xx-Yy-Ýý-Zz Á=Long a É=Ay Í=Short ee Ó=Short aw Ś=Sh (not used now) Ú=Book Ý=Ie (Not used now)

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