The Khandic Period refers to the collective histories of Agrikeshic geopolitical entities and their predecessors before the foundation of Agrikesh. The earliest the Khandic Period can trace to is the Kingdom of Stevania, now Leganewland in Legatia and Newland, founded in May 26, 2006. Newland, however, is not in Agrikesh. After that, the earliest confirmed date is Ding-Dong, now Wadonstol, founded in October 25, 2010.

As a result of a growing knowledge of micronationalism around the 2010s, there was more Khandic nations created after Wadonstol. These Khandic nations represented themselves two wikis named MicroWiki, one using Wikia and the other that did not use a wiki farm. They later represented themselves on Skype where these nations started to be connected. Later, these nations joined Agrikesh, many of them having close contact before they joined.

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