Kilan Empire
(Non-Insular State of the Unironic Empire)

"American by birth, Kilan by choice"
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Capital city Fontenot
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym Kilanian
Government Absolute Monarchy
- King William I
Established Summer 2011
Area claimed about 15 sq. miles
Population 20 (2013)
Currency USD
Time zone central (illinois)
National sport Golf
National animal Domestic Cat

The Kilan Federation is a non-Insular state of the Unironic Empire outside of Houston, Texas. It is completely surrounded by The United States.


This nation was created in the Summer of 2011 as an idea. Three men, Drake Rupple, Cooper Fontenot and Tim Langley had an idea that they should run an imaginary country. CLIM was born, an acronym for Creating Liberty in Many. This had Drake Rupple as leader. This quickly evolved into Kilania, then into Kilan, and finally into The Kilan Federation. On April 30,2013, The Kilan Federation was made an official micronation. The name CLIM is credited to Drake Rupple and the name Kilan is credited to Cooper Fontenot.

in March 2014 after Drake I had been inactive for some months the Emperor of Unironia crowned himself King of Kilan due to an absense of one and not wanting Kilan to be forgotten, and in July of that year Kilan was transformed into a non-insular state of Unironia

Kilan Philosophy

Kilan believes in equality. Kilan is  placed on this Earth will equal oppurtunity and whatever  a person does with this is up to discretion. However, people abuse their opportunity to oppress the equality of others and greed plagues our society. People must fight the buearacratic dominance, create for theirselves and their children a level playing field. Kilan citizens do not need to handicap its children with the failures of men before them. Through self ambition, unity of family and friends, and devotion to God, Kilan society will rise again and equality will become the new norm.

Government and Politics

Kilan is an absolute monarchy under a King and his royal princes and saints. He has absolute power over anything and everything in Kilan.

Kilan Royalty

William I, King of Kilan

(All other royalty being determined)

Law and Order

Any crime commited by both citizen and government official and their sentence will be made by the King.

Foreign Relations

Active Treaties, Alliances, and recognized nations:

The Unironic Empire

Principality of Lyonesse

Free State of Hailon

Foster Island Republic

all treaties are still valid in the new reign


Kilan`s new military will be based on the Prussian model for the army uniforms and all

Geography and Climate

Kilan is located in South, Texas. The summers are hot and long, and the winters cold, wet, and short-dayed.  The nation is in a subtropical climate.


There are currently no exports or imports


Kilan is Christian,  Kilans enjoy family-centered events and enjoy being around those who are equal.

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