Republic of Kilidia
Kilidia FlagKilidian CoA

Cypriot Rebels, unite!
Glory to Kilidia
Karpasia, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
Capital city Kliti
Largest city Kliti
Official language(s) Turkish, Greek, English
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Kilidian
Government Unitary presidential constitutional republic
- President Barış Binici
Legislature Assembly of Kilidia
Established December 6, 2014
Population 1
Currency Turkish lira (de facto) Euro (de jure)

Kilidia, officially the Republic of Kilidia is a micronation located in the Northern Cyprus, officially Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The micronation claims all of the Klidhes Islands.


The word Kilidia comes from the name of the Islands, Klidhes. It is more similar to the Turkish name of the Islands; Kilit Adaları. 


Kilidia and Kilidian history is too short and there were no people settle down here . However in 1974 , Turkey chose Karpasia to enter the island for peace operations (to save turkish people) and the islands of Kilidia called Victory Island , in Turkish it is Zafer Adası. These islands were given to the first president of TRNC ( Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus ) , Rauf Raif Denktaş . after the death of him,the island and the home of Rauf Raif Denktaş , finally Barış Binici waved his flag and created the Republic of Kilidia.

Government & PoliticsEdit

The form of the government is unitary presidential constitutional republic. The current president of the country is Barış Binici. There are elections every five year, but in the constitution of Kilidia, only for Barış Binici (because of him being the first president), will continue to rule the country until he dies, and after he dies, the constitution will be changed back to elections in every five years. The constitution belongs to the Republic of Cyprus, but Kilidia depends on the internal control. The constitutional guarantee of substances are not included in the Kilidia version of laws.


Doesn't have any.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Is closed for foreign relations


Kilidian rebel flag
There are still no military bases but Rebels

This symbol is using by Kilidian Rebels

Every kilidian clay is protecting by Kilidian Rebels. They are responsible for civil security.


Karpasia is a long peninsula that goes to Anatolia from the northeastern part of Cyprus. The Karpasian peninsula is inhabited by a small population compared to the total area. Also, the are is protected because it is in a national park status. With it's historic and natural view, it is one of the important regions of Cyprus. Karpasian peninsula,  throughout history, has been a haunt for those who want to retreat or escape from civilization. Therefore, many monasteries were built on the peninsula. The most famous one of these is the Apostolos Andreas Monastery. The peninsula has the traces of many ancient cities, monasteries and various civilizations. The most important ancient ruins here is the Karpasiana city. This city is located between this point and Dipkarpaz. Kilidia claims the city Karpasiana and some of the regions of Karpasian peninsula.


Still did not gain economical independence.


Mixed Turkish , Greek , English , Arabian culture , Still have it's own.

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