King Blaise the 1st is the ruler of The RKK


In may of 2011, King Blaise founded The USF, along with; President Grace of Pinkton, Sir Philip of north Sommitzland, and Queen Madeline of Upper Quodesia. He has served as Head Chairman of the USF since then, with Sir Philip as Vice Chairman.

RKK Military Service

King Blaise is Commander-in-Chief of the whole RKK military. He has seen action in many battles along with his trusty HK G36C machine gun (airsoft). King Blaise has also founded the nation's elite national guard/police force, The Order of the Blue Griffin. He himself is a member. The RKK's military also protect's Pinkton, as Pinkton has very little military.


King Blaise is the recipatent of a number of awards including:

  • The Badge of Clay, for excellect work in the molding of a nation
  • The Order of the Blue Griffin, all members of the national guard recieve this award
  • The Royal Crown, he is the king, duh!
  • The Gold Star of Kaehleria, for exceptional citizenship
  • The Wreath of Knightship of Sommitzland, for service to Sommitzland