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Kingdom of Blackland
רפובליקת בלאקלנד (Hebrew)
Blackland flag.png Blackland coa.jpg
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: Coming Soon!
Blackland map0.jpg
Official language(s) Hebrew, Russian
Government Monarchy ,Kingdom, Military dictatorship
 -  Ruler King Alen I
Legislature National Assembly (advisory only)
 -  Declared (Self) 20 March 2015 (self-declaration) 
 -  Total 0.000082 km2 
0.000031660 sq mi 
Currency NIS (New Israeli Shekel)
Time zone GMT +2


The kingdom of Blackland has established in 2015 and recognized only by few micronations.

The nation has separated from Israel in march 20 2015, few days after an election in which Benjamin Netanyahu was elected again.

Blackland is one of the most small micronations in the world.


The ideology of Blackland is to form a strong and wise nation.

World conflicts view

As a country in Israel and in the middle east Blackland can not ignore the Israeli-Palestine conflict, Blackland do not recognize Palestine as a nation and highly against giving territories to the Palestinians or other countries. In the Ukraine conflict, Blackland do recognize Novorossiyan republics (DNR & LNR) and highly against the war which Ukraine started.

Recognized by

- The kingdom of Helmas

- Vertigo

- Kid United Republic

Recognizing the following Micronations

- The kingdom of Helmas

- Vertigo

-kid United Republic

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