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Kingdom of Goldstone
Goldstone CoA
Coat of Arms

"The Royal People"
Capital city North Goldstone
Largest city City of Newland
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) All
Demonym Newlandian
- Counselor MF
- Kings BT DC
Currency TBA
National drink Tea
National animal Dragon


  • - 1/1/2013: Goldstone was declared a Nation in Progress.
    • Sometime in between: an official name was given to Goldstone and joins the wiki.
  • -2/12/2013:Goldstone gets over a post civil war stage
  • -2/13/2013: New Ideas to split the country but keep it as one.
  • -2/14/2013: Goldstone is officially back and declares its selfs a nation.
  • -2/18/2013: counselor placed in office to balance out power.
  • -2/19/2013: A new power called the Royal Artist is created.
  • -2/19/2013: New branch of Military created. 
  • -2/21/2013: Goldstone unites.
  • -3/3/2013: DC resigns as King.

Goldstone PowersEdit

Kings- Bt Counselor - MF - in charge of making sure the Kings stay at peace with each other. Artist - Not voted - In charge of all museums , and art/culture related  subjects.

Goldstone ThroneEdit

. If the Kings die then the rightful heir will take there place. If the whole Royal family dies the counselor will take there place. If the counselor dies , the Artist will take the Kings place , if the artist dies the people will vote a new artist to choose new king.

Fun FactsEdit

  1. Goldstone was inspired when King DC first found out about micronation while doing research on Sealand.
  2. Goldstone love art.
  3. Goldstone has a amazing Basil crop
  4. Goldstone has a plan to buy more land.
  5. Goldstone has 1 current city known as Newland.


The Royal Knights - Guards / Military  The Royal Cyber-Knights - In charge of all Cyber defense 

 Projects Edit

  1. Navy Project - Project to build a stable Navy 
  2. 6- 12 year plan - Plan to buy more land