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The Kingdom of Adenia
Adenian FlagAdenian FlagCrest of AdeniaKingdom of Adenia Coat

Bless Adenia
Tu Rex Gloriae - Andreas Waldetoft
Capital city Adenia City
Largest city Adenia City
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Spirituality
Short name Adenia
Demonym Adenian
Government Feudal Monarchy
- King King Evan Darksky
Legislature The House of Parliament
Population >50
Currency Adenian Coin, 1:1 tie to the US Dollar
Time zone Central
National animal The Wolf

The Kingdom of Adenia (KA), commonly known as just Adenia, is a Feudal Monarchy . It was formed on 15 November 2010 [citation needed], and on it's first anniversary was made a nation on the popular game NationStates.  Adenia has only recently been undergoing formal founding and creation. annexed by on kingdoms of riviere du loup

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