Kingdom of Afondale (English)
Deyrnas Afonfai (Welsh)
Чшяг Рекадолж (Afondalic)
Afondale Flag FlagAfondale CoA Coat of Arms

Embrace the unknown
Alla Hornpipe (Royal)
Alla Hornpipe
Lugia's Song (Popular)
    The UK
    Countries containing Afondalic colonies

Capital city Dashford
Largest city Kilbern
Official language(s) British English, Welsh
Official religion(s) None official
Demonym Afondalic
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- King Dan I
- Prime Minister Zack Jeff
- Deputy Prime Minister Kieran Clark
Legislature Afondalic National Assembly
Established 15 December 2007
Area claimed 0.3km
Population 3 residents, 24 citizens^
Currency Afondalic byra, Pound sterling
Time zone GMT (UTC±0) BST (UTC+1, DST)
National sport Rugby Union
National drink Tea
National animal Squirrel
Internet Domain .aa (theoretical), .uk
^ Does not include Ahrz and Å

Official website

The Kingdom of Afondale is a micronation in the UK. It consists of a house and two gardens in Gloucestershire, and also administers two overseas colonies- Ahrz and Å. The official languages are English and Welsh.


'Afon' is the welsh word for 'river' and 'dale' is an old english word for a hill. The word was formed because the land claimed is near to those geological features.


Pre-Micronational era

The land which Afondale now claims was previously part of the UK. In Anglo-saxon times it was ruled by the tribal kingdom of Hwicce between 577 and 628, when it became a satellite state of Mercia. By the late 800s Mercia itself had become a satellite state of neighbouring Wessex. The consolidation of the Anglo-saxon Kingdoms ended in 927, when a single England was formed. England would continue to rule future Afondalic land as the Great Britain from 1707-1801 and from 1801-2007 as the United Kingdom.

Absolute monarchy era

The Kingdom was created after Dan I of Afondale saw a repeat of How to start your own Country and set about making his own micronation as a Constitutional Monarchy. However since the first Government had not been elected, in theory Afondale was an absolute monarchy in its early days.

Birches era

Afondale held its first election in January 2008, with Jon Birches becoming Prime Minister and Sian Harris becoming Deputy Prime Minister. During this period, a lot of basic laws in Afondale were created. The following year, a second election was held and Jon Birches entered his second term as Prime Minister. Throughout his second term, there was a decreased amount of Government activity because most applicable laws had already been set.

Woods era

In September that year, a new person called Laura Woods became a citizen of Afondale and thought that there could be some improvements. One of the first things she did was set up the first political party, the Social Democrats. She went on to win the 2010 election and propose new legislation that would make Afondale a more realistic country. New National Assembly seats were added, increasing the seats to 5. In addition, a second political party, the Conservative Party, was set up by Deputy Prime Minister Jake Bowyer, although unlike the Social Democrats he wasn't the first leader.

Hook era

Laura Woods resigned as the Prime Minister in September 2010. Jim Hook took over the Conservative Party and went on to win the By-election. In this era, Government activity began to reduce due to lack of interest and active citizens.

Jeff era

In the 2011 election, Zack Jeff took over as Social Democrat leader and won. He tried to increase activity again, but there was little. However, there were a small boosts in activity following the integration of Ahrz and Å into Afondale. Zack Jeff won the elections for 2012 and 2013 with only one opponent. In Late 2013, Dan Wilcox and Zack Jeff discussed either dissolving Afondale for good or attempting to revive it. They agreed to revive it and Afondale resumed activity in December that year. The 2014 elections saw all 5 seats in the National Assembly filled for the first time since 2010. Three months later, in March 2014, the third political party, The Thatcherist Party, was estalished.


In July 2011 the King went on an exchange to Germany and found that his exchange's younger brother Ulf Brecken was running his own micronation called Ahrz, which was composed of his house and also a field in Norway called Å (literally, stream in Norwegian). It peacefully became part of Afondale. It is possible that Ahrz and Å could be dissolved in the future and revert to being its own nation again.


There are 5 seats plus the monarch in the National Assembly. The Prime Minister and other officials are elected at the start of the year, and each term lasts 1 year. Before 2014, the national assembly members were assigned their role by the PM. The PM can remain in power for a maximum of 4 terms. If the PM or assembly member quits, then a new one is elected and serves for the remainder of the term (unless the PM quits in November or December, in which case the national assembly is suspended until the new year). The Governor of Ahrz and Å does not participate in the national assembly, as whilst they are part of Afondale they have their own small Parliament.

Political Parties

There are two major parties in Afondale, the Social Democrats and the Conservatives, and a minority party, the Thatcherist Party. All other politicians stand as independents.

Name Logo Short name Leader Ideology Colours Seats
National Assembly
Afondale Social Democratic Party Afondale Social Democrats Logo Social Democrats Zack Jeff Centre-left Purple
3 / 5
Conservative Party of Afondale Afondale Conservative Party Logo Conservatives Kieran Clark Centre-right Blue
1 / 5


Mainland Afondale has a mixed climate, having a mild Mediterranean climate in the summer months and a cold climate in the winter months. The weather, as with its parent macronation the UK, is infamously changeable. The Government has been recording the weather throughout 2013.


Afondale has a diverse and varied culture, but has strong ties with Scandinavian and Germanic culture.


Food from all over the world is regularly eaten in Afondale. A dish unique to Afondale is Mince Wrap- a shortcrust pastry wrap filled with sweet mincemeat that can be either eaten cold or warm on a plate with custard. It is mostly eaten in the Winter. Some vegetables are even grown in Afondalic land and used in salads. Traditional British dishes are also eaten, but Sunday roast is mostly on special occasions. Popular drinks include tea and variants of it, Hot Chocolate, Cola and Lemonade.


Afondale is a de facto Secular state, with most citizens identifying themselves as Atheists. However some citizens are religious. The main religions are Protestantism and Hindu.


Afondale's national language is Afondalic, But English is the main first language, with Norweigan and German being recognised minority languages because of Ahrz and Å. Welsh is also an official language but is only spoken as a first language by one citizen.


Rugby Union is considered to be the national sport, although Football, the Martial Arts and Badminton are also very popular. More niche sports in Afondale include Basketball and Curling.


Highbrow arts have grown in popularity in recent years. A following for plays has emerged, and there have been some recent paintings and drawings by citizens.


Afondale does not have a military, instead it has a Royal National Guard (RNG) consisting of the three permanent residents. The RNG's duties are to defend the country and monitor the border.

National Holidays

See National Holidays of Afondale.

Law and Order

Most Law in Afondale is modelled after UK law. However there are some exceptions. For example, homosexual marriage is allowed and divorces can only be legally undertaken if the couple has been married for at least a year. There is no Police force, citizens are just expected to follow the laws or they will lose their citizenship.


Afondale has a small economy, mostly importing goods and rarely exporting, with most goods made in Afondale consumed within it. In its early days Afondale had a command economy dictated by the Government, the two businesses being Afondale Printers and the Afondale Shop. In 2009, the country suffered a recession and so these were suspended until the following year. Even after they were resumed, they were suspended for a second time due to inactivity. The Afondalic economy is currently in development.

Foreign Relations

See Foreign affairs of Afondale.


Afondale has its own newspaper called Afondale Today. Previously there was one called The Afondalic Herald. There is also a YouTube account called AfondaleGov.


The Government can be contacted at

See Also

Symbols of the Kingdom of Afondale

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