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Akastan, officially the Kingdom of Akastan, is a micronation that is completely unrecognized. It was founded by King Benjamin I and is run solely from a property in Auckland, New Zealand The name Akastan comes from "AKA" also known as, and "stan", a common ending for countries and meaning "land" in multiple languages.


On 17 April, 2016, King Benjamin I created the nation of Akastan. The flag was also created on this day.

A full History of the pre-Akastani era of the area can be found on the Kingdom of Akastan website.

Flag of Akastan

The Flag of Akastan is a horizontal tricolor band, with a blue, a yellow and a blue stripe going from the top downwards. The blue at the top recognises independence from the surrounding nation of New Zealand, the yellow in the middle represents the land of Akastan and the blue on the bottom is the King's favourite colour, and will be changed when a new King or Queen has a new favourite colour.

Motto of Akastan

The Motto of Akastan in Latin is: "Parvus sed Validus" meaning "Small but Strong" in English.


Public Holidays

New Year's Day

New Year's Day is celebrated on January 1 as in most countries around the world. On New Year's Day, Akastani people will drink coconut water, a favourite drink of the Akastanis, and will celebrate by waving flags and dancing around at midnight. Fireworks are only set off on Halloween or Guy Fawke's, they are illegal at all other times.

New Year's Holiday

New Year's Holiday is January 2, and is celebrated in Akastan as a day of remembrance of what happened the day before. There are usually a lot of trips to the doctors on this day because of injuries gained during the revelries of New Year's Day.

Leap Day

Leap Day is a great holiday in Akastan. People usually celebrate it by giving stones. The size of a stone is usually decided by the recipient's age.


Easter is celebrated at the same time as the United Kingdom and New Zealand, because Akastan is inside the territorial boundaries of New Zealand, which is inside the United Kingdom's Commonwealth. Easter is not very popular, but some people of Easter heritage will do Easter Egg Hunts.

Akastan Day

Akastan Day, or Founder's Day, is celebrated on 17 April, due to the fact that the nation was created on this day. Flags must be flown on this day, as on King's Birthday.

Monarch Celebration Day

Monarch Celebration Day is a day for Akastani people to celebrate their monarch and royal family. It is on this day, as well as New Year's, Akastan Day and Christmas Day that the King gives speeches.

Culture and Heritage Day

On 3 June, Akastani children in schools all around the world celebrate their Culture and Heritage by throwing stones at poles and eating beetroot dumplings.

King's Birthday

King's Birthday, on 19 October, is the second day in Akastan where it is compulsory to fly flags. It is a celebration of the current King's birthday, Benjamin I.


Halloween is one of the most popular days in Akastan. The Akastani people spook the neighbouring New Zealanders by having a giant "machine" called an Acme Halloween-o-Matic Candy Dispenser. The children of Akastan gather round it and take turns giving out candy to the New Zealanders or giving them tricks - depending what the New Zealanders ask for! More information about the Halloween-o-Matic is available on the Akastan website.

Guy Fawke's

Guy Fawke's is celebrated on November 7. It celebrates the bravery of Guy Fawkes as he attempted to kill the King of England. Burning Guys is illegal.


Christmas is celebrated in Akastan by giving gifts. The holidays run from Christmas Eve, the 24th, through to Boxing Day, the 26th, all in December.

Finally, New Year's Eve.

New Year's Eve is celebrated similarly to New Year's Day.

Name Days

Information on Akastani name days is available on the Akastan website.


The National Food of Akastan is beetroot dumplings, known as pierogi in Poland. Potatoes are also a favourite, along with Haloumi, a cheese from Israel.


The Kingdom of Akastan would officially like to recognise all United Nation member states, excluding the following:

  • North Korea
  • Cuba
  • China (Mainland)

If a non-United Nations member state would like to recognise or be recognised by Akastan, a person of high rank must announce so by registering as a citizen of Akastan and then contacting the Akastani Government via the website and stating their recognition and request for recognition.

NOTE: You must have a citizen of your country be a citizen of Akastan to be recognised by Akastan.

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