Kingdom of Altora
Altora flag

If you wish to get something, make it so!
Winnipeg, Canada
Capital city Andoria city
Largest city Andoria city
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Secular
Demonym Altoran
Government Absolute Monarchy
- King HRH King Jordan Herwith I
Legislature Council of Elders
Established September 29th, 2012
Area claimed 15 Km2
Population 9
Currency Altoran Credit
National sport Hockey
Internet Domain .Alt

The Kingdom of Altora was founded on September 29th, 2012, after the merger of the Kingdom of Cevington and the Republic of Andoria.


The History of Altora starts with 2 separate micronations. The Kingdom of Cevington and the Republic of Andoria.

Andoria Edit

Andoria was founded sometime in early 2008 by Jordan Herwith. Originally founded as a Star Trek fan group, they were dissapointed in the 2009 Star Trek movie and began to move away from Star Trek. Many members had an interest in politics, and they decided to start a micronation on February 3rd, 2010. It was stable until April 12th, 2012, when Cevington, a newly formed micronation in the same school, declared war. Andoria didn't want a part in, but they were being phisically attacked by Cevingtonian citizens. They reached an agreement to settle the war through a real time war strategy game. Andoria won the battle, dubbed, the battle of Northside, and signed the Treay of the Northside on May 3rd, 2012. Little happened until September 29th, 2012 when Cevington merged with Andoria, forming Altora.

Cevington Edit

Cevington was a micronation formed on April 8th, 2012 by Joseph Mai, in protest against Andoria. They declared war on Andoria, physically attacking them until they lost the battle Northside on May 3rd, 2012. On June 7th they had their first elections, and Joseph Mai was elected President. Towards the end of August, he changed the constitution, effectively making himself dictator. Due to massive public pressure, he resigned. Instead of starting new elections, they decided to merge with Andoria.

Establishment Edit

Jordan Herwith, King of Andoria, became King of Altora by default due to there being no candidate from Cevington. The king formed the Council of Elders, an advisory group of 3 members that would always contain 2 Andorians and 1 Cevingtonian.

Government & PoliticsEdit

Altoria is an Absolute Monarchy, led by King Jordan Herwith I. The Monarch has all power in the nation, but he is advised by the 3 members Council of Elders. The Council has a small amount of power they can exert without the King approval, but the King may overrule any of their decisions.

  • King: Jordan Herwith I
  • Council of Elders:

Cevington: Joseph Mai

Andoria 1: Nathan Yar

Andoria 2: Jenna Fulford

Foreign RelationsEdit

Altora is open to foreign relation with all micronations


The Altoran Armed Force(AAF) are currently functioning and operational. It is currently led by General Joshua Meinham. Based in Andoria City, they are responsible for the security of the nation and safety of the King.

Geography & ClimateEdit

Osborne Village2

Altora is based in the city of Winnipeg, Canada


Altora has a small economy that revolves around the Altoran Credit. Currently, on titles and small Altoran Souvenirs(Passports, stamps) are available for purchase with it.


Altora has a culture that revolves heavily around video gaming. Tournaments are generally held twice a month, ranging from building competitions in Minecraft, to a Team Fortress 2 game.


Altora News is the main news organization in Altora, it is currently under development.

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