Kingdom of Anbid

By Our Hands, or None
Capital city Defiance
Official language(s) English, Andbidian (C.U.D.)*
Official religion(s) None
Demonym Anbidian
Government Absolute Monarchy
- Monarch loze'ep I
Currency Anbidian Kalor ₡
Time zone Anbidian Standard Time (UTC - 4:00)
National animal Northern Copperhead

The Kingdom of Anbid, is a developing micronation currently located near the southern shore of the Sea of Erie in North America. It is an absolute monarchy currently headed by His Majesty King Ioze'ep, Defender of the Faith, Servant of Anbid.


The word Anbid comes from Anglo-Saxon, and means waiting, expectation, hope, or interval. This also happens to be a cognate with the Anbidian name for the country which is Aanapida (/aː.'̪ă/). Aanapida means Land/Realm of Hope and is a compound name comprised of the root words aana (/aː.'na/), which means hope or positive anticipation, and i'ida'o (/iʔ.'i.d̪a.ʔo/) which is the animate form of the word planet.


Anbid while young has a complex and rich history. Staring as a highschool civics project, and evolving to an eco-village idea, and ultimatley ending up as a modern, developing micronation.

The Early YearsEdit

The history of Anbid begins in the early 11700's (2000's) as a highschool civics project, in which the King Iose'ep was asked to describe his ideal nation. While the project earned His Majesty a B+ it gained popularity amongst his friends. At the time the king and his court had hopes of setting up a true colony on the islands of Tanaga and Kanaka located some 99.8 kilometers (62 miles) west of Adak Island in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. These islands were chosen because they are volcanically active, providing easily accessable geothermal power, and have some pre-existing infrastructure thanks to an abandoned air field located on the island. However as time went on the projects feasability fell into question and much of the court lost intrest.

The Village PushEdit

In late 11705 (early 2006) while the court had lost intrest King Iose'ep still had hopes of setting up a settlement that focussed on the Anbidian ideals of Community, Self Reliance, Personal Liberty, and Enviormental Awareness. Sadly little intrest was expressed by other's and this too, failed.

The Dark YearsEdit

In early 11706 (mid 2006) the King took his first holiday to Turkey. This trip marked the widening of the King's horizons, and the start of the dark years for the vission he held of Anbid. However all was not lost as the lessons learned in visiting,and living in a country so different of his native home had a lasting impact on his Majesty.

Durring these Dark Years the concept of Anbid was repeatedly revisited, explored and expanded upon in his neumerous private short stories and comics that the King wrote. Proving that our shining star will never be extinguished by darkness.

The RenaissanceEdit

In 11712 (2012) HIs Magesty thought the time was right for another attempt at the dream of Anbid. While still landless and poor the country is thriving. It's library gows and so does it's people. But not all growth is good or painless. For while Anbid is in the heart of it's renaissance so to is it in the heart of it's disillusionment.


The culture of Anbid is unique mix displaying the vast number of influences that have impacted the young country and it's populace.

Anbidian National CalendarEdit

The Kingdom of Anbid uses a modified version of the Human Era dating system and the Solar Hejri calendar for all official business an opposed the Gregorian calendar. The reason for this is to help remove as much cultural bias from the dating system as possible while maintaining maximum accuracy.

Year numbering for the ANC, which is officially refered to as the Human Era (HE in it's short form), starts with the begining of the Holocene Epoch which is believed to have started some 11700 years before the Gregorian year 2000. This system was chosen because it is tied to a Geological occurance that affected the whole of humanity rather than a cultural one, that is only of importance to some.

The ANC year begins at the start of Spring in the northern hemisphere: on the midnight between the two consecutive solar noons which include the instant of the northern vernal equinox, when the sun enters the northern hemisphere. Hence, the first noon is on the last day of one calendar year and the second noon is on the first day of the next.

Month NamesEdit

Order Days Symbol English-name
1 31 Aries
2 31 Taurus
3 31 Gemini
4 31 Cancer
5 31 Leo
6 31 Virgo
7 30 Libra
8 30 Scorpio
9 30 Sagittarius
10 30 Capricorn
11 30 Aquarius
12 29/30


Days of the WeekEdit

In the ANC the week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. When writting in English the conventional names are used unless the person writing is part of the national religion, in which case Saturday is then called Shabbat.


Main article: Anbidian language

The anbidian language is Currently Under Development (C.U.D.) and as a result very little information is available about it. According to King Ioze'ep its sound inspired by Hawaiian, Japanese, and Xhosa. Its grammar and orthography are still largley undefinede

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