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The Kingdom of Broughtopia is a British Micronation that was founded in 2009.

The King

His Majesty King Jack I declared himself King of Broughtopia after the Imperialist Revolution of 2009 turning The Kingdom of Blighty into the Kingdom of Broughtopia. This transition included the banishment of all previous Members of Parliament and all previous Civil Servants. Before the 2009 Revolution HM Jack I created the Kingdom of Blighty, wherein the Prime minister declared intentions to make Blighty into a Republic. he implemented plans to create the Republic by exiling the King and the Lords, after he saw that Democracy has turned against him HM Jack I decided to take back his throne, which resulted in the Imperialists seizing control. The Kings early life was very normal after being born on 2nd October 1994 in the Northern General Hospital in Sheffield, South Yorkshire in the north of England. He discovered Micronationalism after watching the BBC program "How to start your own country" by Danny Wallace. The King is now having talks with the Broughtopian Government about creating a Broughtopian Empire,

Cities and Territories

The Kingdom of Broughtopia has currently 3 territories:

  • Broughton Palace - The Capital and current residence of the Monarch.
  • The Broughton Memorial Grounds - The Private grounds of King Jack I and the Royal Family, this land also provides the fruits & vegetables of the Kingdom, making Broughtopia self-sufficient.
  • The Tiberian District - The Annexed territories of the Former Peoples Republic of Tiberia.

The Government Structure

The King/Queen (Monarch) - Head Of State, Commander in Chief of the Imperial Forces, Head of Government, Head of Civil Defense, Commander of the Royal Guard, Head of Imperial Security, Internal Ambassador (Greets Foreign diplomats along with the Prime Minister)

First Lord/Lady - Second in Command of the Imperial Forces, (Not Elected, Chosen by Monarch)

The Lords Council - Advisory Council to the Monarch, (Holds no official power)

Prime Minister - Deputy head of Government, Head of Police Forces, Head of Cabinet, Seat in the Lords' Council, Creates final Drafts of Laws/amendments to be put forward to the Monarch, Is more involved with the Monarch. Internal Ambassador (Greets Foreign diplomats along with the Monarch)

Deputy Prime minister - Advises the Prime Minister, Has a seat on the Lords Council, Is more involved in the Parliament.

Ministers - Create Draft Laws and amendments to then Constitution to be put forward to be put forward to the Prime Minister.

Member of Parliament - Votes on laws and puts forward the views of their Constituency.

The Parliament - Put forward the views of the people to the ministers. The Prime minister, Deputy Prime Minister, and All Ministers are elected from Members of Parliament.

The Constitution

The Broughtopian Constitution

The Annexation of The People's Republic of Tiberia

After the war of Broughtopia and Tiberia, the two Governments have decided on a Conditional Surrender which will benefit both Nations. The former territories of Tiberia will be Annexed into The Kingdom of Broughtopia, meanwhile the former government of Tiberia are free to form the new nation Samphire with the former Tiberian Capital.

Diplomatic Relations

The Kingdom of Istoria Mutual Recognition, Diplomatic talks about an Alliance are underway.

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