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Kingdom of Bulgresia
"Bulgrezxia kingzdox"
Bulgresia flagBulgresia crest

Glory to the sacred land
Glorsxi tuda sacrex tixra
"O glorsxi tixra"
Capital city Bugueon
Largest city Denvezxia
Official language(s) Bulgresian
Official religion(s) Christianity
Short name Bulgresia
Demonym Bulgresian
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Population 6.107.396
Time zone UTC +1

The Kingdom of Bulgresia is an isle located in the near to Balcan Peninsula


Discovery of the islandEdit

In the year 2007 numerous tribes escape the expropriation of their lands and move to a small island located near the Balcan Peninsula, With the arrival of those tribes begin a mix with the tribes of the isle.

Kingdom ProclamationEdit

In 2008 the landowner Ricardzx Arwauzx start a little dominion of the tribes lands, causing the Isle War, in 2009 the war ended, with the proclamation of the Kingdom of Bulgresia and the designation the Ricardzx Arwauzx as the "King Ricardzx I".

First worksEdit

After the proclamation of the kingdom, the Bulgresia Royal Armed Forces, the Crownwedzx Palace, the Roughania Cathedral, Bulgresian national Congress and the Bulgresia Royal University were created.

Civil WarEdit

In the year 2010 the kingdom suffered a large social discontent causing a creation of Anti-monarchy groups who declared the Bulgresian Civil War who started in 2011 and finiched in 2012 with the "Crownwedzx Plaza Massacre" where 2.600 peoples were killed between military and rioters. Due to this the government created the Bulgresia Royal Police.


Bulgresia is a isle of 6 square kilometres. and is located near to Balcan peninsula, the climate is humid subtropical. The maximum lift is the "Mont Skozx" with 6 meters above sea level, the terrain are composed of: beaches, vast fields, fjords, forests and grasslands. There are approximately 40 cities and 160 villages spread over 6.107.396 people. Bulgresia are divided in 6 provinces.

Bulgresia map

Map of Bulgresia

  • Nordezxia
  • Tirozxia
  • Elquizxia
  • Bueguenx (Located the capital Bugueon)
  • Biozxia
  • Aunczxia
  • Ausztrix

Goverment Structure and politicEdit

The Bulgresia government is a Constitutional Monarchy where the king is the head of state, he selects the Chiefs of Staff of the branches of the Bulgresia Royal Armed Forces and the Bulgresian Royal Police. While the First Minister is in charge of political affairs and selects the ministers. The First Minister is select in a democratic election like Congress members, Mayors. Provincial Governor and Prefectural Governor.


Ministry Minister Since Until
Home Office & Security Cristiazx Kavouzx August 1st 2011
Defence Ministry Ariezx Volnuzx October 1st 2012
Public Works & Town planning Ministry Jeremias Maziuzx September 1st 2011
Work Ministry Clara Wimcezx August 1st 2011
Economy Ministry Diana Vezxnazx August 1st 2011
Health Ministry Herve Mavouzx August 1st 2012
Education Ministry Priscilla Mavinezx December 1st 2011
Sport & Recreation Ministry Cassius Kalivezx August 1st 2011
National Assets Ministry Christian Alzxiez August 1st 2011
Foreign Relation Ministry Allen Waltiezx December 1st 2011

Political PartiesEdit

these are the political parties that are existing in Bulgresia

Name Local Name Ideology Note
Conservative Party Conservazx Partiezx Right
Democratic Party Democratizx Partiezx Centre
New National Force Party Novuzx Nationitazx Fourzx Partiezx Centre Right This party was created by former member of Conservative Party
Social Action Party Societzx Axiozx Partiezx Centre Left This party was created by former members of Anti-Monarchy Movements after the civil war


Bulgresia has a GDP of approximately U$S 60.016 millions. After the Civil War the GDP decreased by U$S 12.055 million. In response the government invite other micronations to invest in Bulgresia, resulting a GDP of U$S 40.036 millions in late 2012. Popular Bulgresian industries include: fisheries, livestock, agriculture and textiles. The national money of Bulgresia is the: "Bulgo", a Bulgo is worth about 3 U.S. dollars.

Holdings in BulgresiaEdit

In Bulgresia there are three powerful business groups.

  • Verkuzxiz Group Ltd: is a holding dedicated to industry of media, Beverage, Automotive industry, Professional sports, Entertainment and Music entertainment headquartered in Nordezxia city
  • Mukzxis Group Ltd: is a holding dedicated to industry of retail and communication headquartered in Bugueon
  • THG Ltd: is a holding dedicated to industry of Professional sports, Entertainment and private clinic headquartered in Bugeon.

Minimum wageEdit

Bulgresian's minimum wage is approximate a $900 Bulgos.


Bulgresia has a most modern port terminals of Europe something that made many of its sister cities were port cities of other major port cities around the world. Recently developed wind and solar power thanks to a strong cooperation with these energy-producing countries and is funded by the government. There are two roads in Bulgresia: Provincial and Prefectural Road. The province has 30,000 km and prefectural has 16,000 km. The railroad has 13 000 km of track and is supervised by the B.R.C (Bulgresian Railway Company).


the Bulgresia Royal Armed Forces and the Bulgresia Royal Police are responsible for ensuring the safety of the Bulgresians

Crime WarEdit

After the Civil War the criminality has been increasing due to the former members of the anti-monarch group decide create organized crime groups dedicated to: extorsion, prostitution, robbery, assassinations, arms trafficking, kidnapping and Drug trafficking. Also this criminal groups have had a rivalry with the emerging gangs which led to dozens of deaths because of this rivalry

Change to Capital PunishmentEdit

After the Civil War the Capital Punishment was abolished for the congress. was replaced for a Imprisonment Punishment. This punishment is is applied to those who committed: murder, terrorism and high treason.

Bulgresia Royal Armed ForcesEdit

the Bulgresia Royal Armed Forces is comformed for: Bulgresia Royal Army, Bulgresia Royal Navy and the Bulgresia Royal Air Force, your Chiefs of Staff are designed by the king every four years, have approximately 900,000 members, after the Civil War the military service is voluntary and lasts for 12 months.


In Bulgresia exist 114 public schools and 99 private schools and 12 colleges. The school is about 12 years and are divided into: Elemental (1° grade - 6°grade), Pre high school (7° grade - 8°grade) and High school (9° grade - 12° grade) Schooling is compulsory until the 8° grade this because many times students are exposed to strong social pressures that can lead to academic success or economic needs of parents or guardians.


These are some of the holidays that are celebrated in Bulgresia. Also including Good Friday, Easter Sunday, the day of All Saints and Christmas.

Date Name Local Name Note
January 1st New Age An Novuzx
May 1st Labours Day Laborzix Dax
November 10th Kingdom of Bulgresia Proclamation Day Bulgrezxia kingzdox procrazx Dax
November 11th Bulgresia Royal Armed Forces Day Bulgrezxia Armazx Forzx Reazx Dax

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