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Kingdom of Catland

"Nie Zweifel deine Heimat"
Catland we Care
Cat Island, Alaska
Capital city Kitty City
Largest city Kitty city
Official language(s) English,German
Official religion(s) None
Short name Catland
Demonym Catlandish
Government Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
- Prime minister Ricky bell
- King Robert Patschureck
Established 3rd of June, 2014
Population 19
Currency Catland yarn, Commonwealth dollar
Time zone EDT and AKDT
National sport Chess
National dish lettuce and tomato samauch
National drink Ice tea
National animal Mixed Breed Cat

'Catland, officially The Kingdom of Catland(German:Das Reich der KatzeLand) is a self-proclaimed micronation that was founded on June 3 2014 by Cooper Patschureck. It is lead by King Robert, and is a Unitary Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy. Catland lays claim to Cat Island, a small River Island in the Yukon River, Alaska.


The name "Catland" comes from the creator's love for cats and the cats population.The kingdom of catland is known for their cat population on cat island.And the land they love and care for.


The Republic was declared an independent sovereign nation in 2014 by Cooper Patschureck, in response to a dispute with the Government of the United states over what the Patschureck family called the Independent country, They still pay "foreign aid". Its founder was Cooper Patschureck, the son of Robert Patschureck.Prince Cooper.On 8/18/2014 The kingdom of Catland claimed a island Anrictica, Cruzen island, as a oversea territory of Catland.And Prince Cooper claimed, Cooper islands as a Oversea territory of the Kingdom of Catland too. It has seven provinces and two oversea territorys. Immigration is always opened and immigrants only have to take a little test to become a citizen of Catland and be able to vote and do stuff that citizens do. Catland has 19 citizens and is geting more every day. Cat island was first under Russian control, after being sold for America Catland successfully annexed it as part of Catland. It kept expanding but Catland is still small. Soon after that Catlands economy crashed making Catland a poor micronation. Then Catland sent a Email of Regonizen to Heard Island and McDonald Islands.Catland is always working on geting more government officials and a better economy. In the future Catland is planing to build,Forgein affairs office, bank, jail, and armory. Catland once tried to invade a small village. Catlands joined the Dolandic commonwealth witch merged with the Keigen commonwealth making the Keigen-Dolandic commenwealth, Catland first allie was The Confederacy of Dipam. On 9/2/2014 Catland got there secend allie, Fromorinia Empire. Since Catlands independence same gender marriage has been legal. Smoking was always illegal to. On 9/3/2014, a tiny bit of the capital province left and made there own province, called the Seven province, which is were the coast guards base is located. Catland was once a Vestmannaeyjar Oblast befor Joining The Dolandic Commonwealth.The catland goverment is not Found with the nation of East Germany do to crimes against Catland ancestors.Riots and skimrishins our commen in modern Catland due to part of Catland wanted intpdence and changing Catland into A Full democratic Country.Catland supports LGBT rights.Friede is a ancestor of modern day Catland,Being made by Prince Cooper as a country he one day rule.

Government & PoliticsEdit

The official government of the Kingdom of Catland is a unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy. The Royal Family consists of King Robert, the Head of State; Queen Janine, a ceremonial figure;  Prince Coopers, the heir-apparent,And Korbin,Catlands little "prince". Catlands Prime minister is Ricky,Who was appointed by King Robert.The treuser of Catland is Micalel.The sectery of the King and Prince is Carol.There is more political figures not listed.Catland has voteing days a lot.They do not have a offical day of voteing yet though.They our working on geting more goverment officals.The goverment decides on most of the laws catland has.unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy, Is a goverment thats a mix of Monarchy and Demcratic.Catland is working on geting polictical parties.So far There is no polictical parties in Catland.The Catland goverment sent diplomatic email to Heard and Mcdonald island,a oversea territory of Australia. They our planing to start diplomatic reolthnships with the nation of Naura.Catland wants to become a military power more then a ecomdic Power.Plans to make Catland in to a Military Dictarship had bin talked about through the goverment.

Foreign RelationsEdit

  • Confederacy of Dipam
  •  Fromorinia Empire
  • Republic of the Old Trinity
  • Air Kingdom


  • Crimera as part of Ukraine.
  • All countries in the world,Even the ones with limited regonizen
  • All micronathoins,Expetions below

Not recognize :

  • Democratic republic of Germany/East germany.

Recognize by:

  • A lot of micronations
  • Heard and mcdonald islands (still nevogateing)


Catland does not have a standing military, aside from a coast guard. You may sign up for the
coast guard beginning at age 20.The Catland coastguard does not draft. Catland has only had one war, but the coast guard is always ready to defend their homeland. The Coast guard is not armed with many guns.The catland Police force does work with the Coast guard during times of defence.Catland does have terriost but The coast guard and The militia keeps the citizens save.They allso have a royal guppy army,A joke army made up of the royal Catland fish,Guppys.The only war,The first catland war was fought against.Korbins freedom army. And Flora land.It ended up being a Catland victory but Catland had a lot of deaths during the war.Includeing all the royal guppy army except 1 guppie,his nam Kazikstan.Catland once attemped to invade a small village.Catlands coast guards base is fort kittcity,A tree house that watches over kittycity and all its citizens.The Catland coast guard has limited guns and ammo,So they our taught in the coast guard acemdy to use your ammo wisely.Catland use to be protected by Vestmannaeyjar.Catlands battle cry is,"ALLE HAGEL KATZLAND".The Catland Coast guard helped the Police and The royel Catland guard in the 2014 Catland riots and skirmishis.

First Catland warEdit

The first Catland war was Catland vs. Korbins freeedom army and Floraland.The war officaly started on 8
IMG 1610

Guns used in the first catland war

/12/2014 When the catland goverment declared war against Korbins freedom army and flora land. Korbins freedom army attempted to overthrow the Catland goverment takeing over parts of Catland includeing some of the Captail province.Flora land surrendered about 2 minutes after they entered the war.At the end of the war 49 of the royel guppy army died, only 1 guppy surived, Some humans were injured but none of them were fatel.The war ended, 8/14/2014 only being a two day war.It is allso known as the 2 day war or the war on terriost,It was the first and only war so far that catland was in and fought in.The police fource served in the war to.The kingdom of Catland claims victory in the war since they suesfully annxed flora land, But giveing them intpdence under the catland crown,And turned into a puppet state.

Geography & ClimateEdit

The Kingdom of Catland is mainly located on cat island in Alaska. It is cold there, and has a lot of cats.The island is
Screenshot (12)

Cat island alaska

in the yukon river. The water is cold, so it is mostly unable to swim in. However, the water is good for fishing. and cats like fish.Catland has a big mountain and sometimes it is sunny.They have a Wetland, The wetland Catland Nature reserve.Catland has 6 provinces and two oversea territories.Cat island is a small island.It rains a lot in some Catland provinces.On the cooper islands it is rocky and on Cruzen island it is very snowy and colder then Cat island.Cat island has 1 city and 1 village.Catland has a lot of trees and snow.

Provinces and TerritoriesEdit

Catland has 8 Provinces:

  • Capital Province
  • Chandler island
  • Chicken joes
  • Sea weed island
  • Camp Province
  • Cat island
  • Cat shelter
  • Area 19

Catland has 2 oversea territories.

  • Cruzen island
  • Cooper islands


Catland does not have a good Econmy,They get most of there money by doing labor for other countries or
Catland yarn

Catland yarn.

small job,They have a Store called Chicken joes that gives them money to.Catland exports Egg plants,And other vegibles,They import Cats And other things they need to surive.The treshure of Catland,Michal,Takes care of the some money the Catland goverment has.They have a cat shelter to,But they don't get any money from it.They havea news paper company that does not get any money though.Catland use to have a big garden were they sold and hate all the food they got from it.Sadly the farm got shut down becouse of animals eating it.Catland uses the commenwealth dollar and Catland yarn, They accept United states dollars and other money to from forgein countrys.


Catland culture is German and Catlandish.Catland speaks English. Most of the population is Christian. However, we have some Buddhists and Atheists. In Catland, Basically everyone like cats.The citizens of Catland speak some German and Haitin crealo to.The citizens enjoy sports and video games.Many Catland citizens voulnter at there Cat shelter Careing for the homeless and cute cats.Many people from Catland imagrants our mainly from  united states,Ireland,and Germany.Most people in Catland play chess or know how to play chess.Catland citizens work in other countries.Catland has 3 companys located in Catland borders,Chicken joes,Cat shelter.And The daily meow.Catland citizens enjoy makeing traudinol Catland shakes.Catland citizens enjoy Catland dishes.Most Catland citizens support LGBT rights.


Citizens of the Kingdom of Catland speak German and English,When Catland was made on June 3rd There offical Language Was English,But becouse the Germans in Catland and the German speakers,the goverment made German and English Catland offical laungages.Catland is trying to teach its citizen Catalan.


Catland does not have a news team. However, they do have a newspaper company which makes newspaper for the Catland population to read. They have a Saturday Issue with Black and White comics in them too. The Newspaper tells about urgent news to the people of Catland.It is called. The daily meow.They want to get a TV station, And they our working on geting more people to work in the news paper company.Catland does have a not so good website.And they have a offical wikia, Catland wikia,Witch is not that great ether.


The colors of the Catland flag all stand for something.

  • The blue stands for the water
  • The green star stands for the grass and freedom
  • The red heart stands for blood shed and how we love cats.

The flag of Catland was made a little bit befor Catlands intpdedence, Catland is working on geting a live sized flag to fly on there flagpoll with no flag on it.

Flag changeingEdit

Many People Of Catland and Forgein Nations asked for Catland to change there Flag,A lot of propsed Flags our going throught the Catland goverment,Even though Some of the goverment would like to keep the Flag the way it was for "Decades to come'.


Catland has a ping pong team witch one muliply games against American ping pong teams.They have a limited Football team to.Catland citizens enjoy playing basket ball in there free time.All so Catland citizens enjoy playing there nathional sport, Chess in there free time.Catland got 3rd place in the doland-keig commenwealth football games.Catland has some youth teams that play in Catland and little groups that play sports.

External LinksEdit

Two Commonwealth Football Championship RecordEdit

Years: 2014,2015

Runners Up: 0

Top Three: 1

First Season: 2014

Last Season: 2015


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