Kingdom of Copan

Copan in red, the Kingdom of the Grove in blue, UK not highlighted
Capital city N/A
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) None official
Demonym Copanese
Government Absolute Monarchy
- Viceroy HIH Crown Prince Jonathan
- King HM King Declan I
Established 19 July 2010
Area claimed Accurate measurement TBA
Population Future census planned
Currency Pound sterling (£)

The Kingdom of Copan was a successor state of the Caesarship of Orly, created when Caesar Calum of Orly divided the nation into two - the Kingdom of the Grove and the Kingdom of Copan.

Copan was an absolute monarchy ruled by a King, Declan I of Wilcsland. As the King resides more than seventy miles away, a Viceroy rules in his name as he was not at the Kingdom. The Viceroy is currently the King's former consort, the Crown Prince of Austenasia.

On 8 December 2010, King Declan became Regent of the Grove when the Grovian throne became empty, and immediately reunified the two nations into the Tsardom of Orly.

Copan was allied with the neighbouring Kingdom of the Grove, and with the Midget Nation-in-Exile.

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