The Kingdom of Craobhach
Craobhach flag 2.png
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"Críonnacht, Carthanacht agus Cothrom"
Capital city Craobhach
Largest city Baile Nua
Official language(s) Irish
Official religion(s) None official
Short name Craobhach
Demonym Craobhachan
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- Jack I Ceannaire
- John McManus Príomh
Legislature Rialtóirí
- Type - Unicameral
- Number of seats - 6
- Last election - Every 3 years
Established 8 February 2016
Area claimed 4468.63 acres
Population 7
Time zone GMT
National dish Butter Chicken Curry
National drink Shloer
National animal Dog
Patron saint Dalua
Internet Domain .ie

The Kingdom of Craobhach (Irish: Ríocht na Craobhaí), often simply called Craobhach, is a self-declared independent constitutional monarchy, commonly referred to as a micronation by external observers, with claims in County Dublin and County Wicklow within the Republic of Ireland.

Claiming 4,469 acres of territory and a population of 3,967 (although currently having only 7 citizens), Craobhach's eponymous capital is the current seat of power. The largest city however, is, Baile Nua, with nearly 60% of the population and most industry prospering there. Craobhach is traditionally said to be founded in 1184 AD, however the current state was established on 8 February 2016, with a constitution ratified on 20 March that year.

The Kingdom rules as a "crowned republic", with the monarch, known as the Ceannaire and currently Jack I, having no discretion over governmental and constitutional issues. The parliament, known as the Rialtóirí (English: rulers), is unicameral and has 6 seats. The head of government is known as the Príomh and is elected every 3 years along with a new government.


On 8 February 2016 an area of nearly 4500 acres in County Dublin and County Wicklow declared itself to be independent from the Republic of Ireland. On that day a flag was conceived for the Kingdom, which was adopted 2 days later. A coat of arms and standard for the head of government, yet to be decided, was adopted over the coming weeks. On 16 March Jack I was unanimously proclaimed the head of state, known as the Ceannaire (English: head), and John McManus was proclaimed the head of government, known as the Príomh (English: main). By 20 March a constitution, Bunreacht na Craobhaí, was ratified and one week later the first act of government occurred as the Príomh issued an executive decree to formally establish the Kingdom of Craobhach. This decree came into use on 1 April 2016 and was eventually passed as an act later that month. One of the main terms of the decree was that the newly written constitution was to be the principles carried out by the Kingdom.

On 23 April 2016, two historic events occurred. One was the coronation of Jack I, who reign officially began on 16 March. The coronation was a short affair, with congratulations being conveyed from the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Trade on behalf of the United Kingdom. Later that day the Rialtóirí assembled for the first time and passed several acts.


Craobhach is a "crowned republic", in effect a constitutional monarchy but with the monarch having no discretion over state issues.

Jack I is head of state, having ascended the throne on 16 March 2016, and crowned on 23 April that year. On a daily basis executive power is exercised by the government of John McManus. All legislative power is vested in the parliament; the Rialtóirí, which is unicameral. There are a minimum of 2 seats in the Rialtóirí, and a maximum of six. The members of the Rialtóirí are all members of the current government, and they must assemble at least twice a year.

The courts system consists of the high court; the Áit Údaras (English: place of justice) and the subordinate court; the Cúirte Gairid (English: minor court). Both courts are presided over by a single judge; the Eadránaí (English: arbitrator). All court hearings are without the presence of the media and with a 3-person jury. 

The government, known as the Tacaíocht (English: support) is divided into 5 departments; namely Justice and Defense, Finance and Enterprise, Foreign Affairs and Trade, Education and Community, and Heritage and Infrastructure. Each department head is reshuffled every January. The head of government is known as the Príomh and is elected every 3 years in March, along with a Tacaíocht. The deputy head of government is known as the Cúntóir (English: assistant).

Demographics and CultureEdit

Craobhach's residents number nearly 4000, with 7 of these holding citizenship. 1 of these does not reside in the Kingdom, but holds honorary citizenship. The majority of residents live in Baile Nua, while most of the citizens live in the capital. The constitution states that citizenship can be gained by birth, descent or by residence for 6 years, but this is not automatic and citizenship must be requested to be gained,

English is the most common spoken language in Craobhach, although the other official language is Irish (Gaeilge). Irish is almost always used alongside English in official government use. The titles of acts passed by the Rialtóirí are always in Irish.

The official currency used in Craobhach is the Pá (English: pay), which is subdivided into 100 aon (English: one). The Pá was established by An tAcht um Dlíthairiscint which also directed the Mint to produce both national and international stamps. The Euro currency is, although not official, accepted as legal tender within the Kingdom.

The national flag was designed on 8 February (which is now the national holiday) 2016 and consists of, according to the constitution, "4 rectangles, coloured (from clockwise) green, light blue, green, and light blue, overlaid with a navy blue diamond containing an orange water wheel with 12 spokes". The coat of arms was adopted on 21 February 2016 and consists of the outline of the Kingdom surrounded by a floral wreath overlaid on a navy blue backround.

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