Royal Kingdom of Culliña

Culliñan Flag

5Royal Coat of Arms of Cullina

The Royal Coat of Arms of Culliña

"Gloriosa Culliña"
[Glorious Culliña]
Capital city Demsington
Largest city Demsington
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym Culliñan
Government Parliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
Legislature House of Nobles
Established October 8, 2012
Time zone (UTC+08:00)
National animal Eagle

The Royal Kingdom of Culliña is a parliamentary constitutional "executive" monarchy, and was proclaimed independent nation last October 8, 2012, The Capital of Culliña is Demsington. It is a land owned by the Monarch by Privilege of the Constitution and where a majority of administration for the nation is done. 

Government & PoliticsEdit

The Royal Kingdom of Culliña is a parliamentary, constitutional "executive" monarchy with two branches of government 

The three branches of government are:

  • House of Nobles
  • House of the Ministers

The House of Nobles is composed of Barons, Counts, Viscounts Earls, Marquis and Dukes

The House of the Ministers is composed of Ministers and Ambassador.

The Constitution of CulliñaEdit

The Constitution of Culliña was promulgated last 2012, which consists of a preamble, ten parts and sixty-three seventy articles. The preamble asserts the independence of the Kingdom of Culliña, while the articles variously deal with the Kingdom's status as a Parliamentary Consitutional "Executive" Monarchy, the empowerment of government, the role of an appointed Nobles or Ministers, and the functions of an appointed and the hereditary succession of the monarchy. 


The Kingdom's territory is guarded by three branches of Military:

  • CRA- Culliñan Royal Army
  • CRAF-Culliñan Royal Airforce
  • CRN-Culliñan Royal Navy


5Royal Coat of Arms of Cullina

The Royal Coat of Arms of Culliña

The Royal Coat of Arms of Culliña is composed of Cross, Lion, Eagle and Wreath.

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