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Kingdom of Doland
The Dolandic Flag

The Flag of Doland

"Strength In Faith"
Royal Song
Northwestern Europe
Capital city Tranmania
Largest city Tranmania
Official language(s) English,Irish
Official religion(s) Catholic
Demonym Dolandic
Government Royal House
Established 2nd February 2014
Population 9
Currency Commonwealth Dollar
Time zone GMT
National animal Labrador
Patron saint St Thomas

The Kingdom Of Doland was founded on February 2nd 2014 by King Eoghan I, and is a new nation project. The nation is led by His Royal Leadership King Eoghan I, Duke of Tranmania, King of Doland, Head of the United-Dolandic Commonwealth


Founded on the 2nd of February 2014, King Eoghan I took the crown and led Doland through a long and difficult history. Within a month of running and new laws being established the people of the Eastern Dolandic Isles declared independence and for awhile Doland recognized this claim, but only after a civil war. Doland would enter war again with Orlando in September 2014, this was a Cold War and is continuing to this day, since the Cold War Doland has revoked all recognition of Orlando and has made many efforts for reunification, including the United Kingdoms of Doland and Orlando.


The Dolandic Commonwealth was founded a few days after the establishment of the Kingdom Of Doland. After talks the Dolandic Commonwealth merged with the Keigen Commonwealth. However on the 5th of September 2014 the commonwealth split up over disagreements about how the commonwealth was ruled, the Keigen Commonwealth and the United-Dolandic Commonwealth are its surviving successors.

Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs are conducted entirely by King Eoghan I, Doland has had a history of wars with the Kingdom of Orlando, war began on September 2014 and continues on to this day. Doland has been winning the war with all but Orlandic mainland territory under Dolandic control.

Postal Service

Doland's postal service is developing stamps that will be printed by, the stamps will be printed by 2015, delays have been taken into account thanks to designing issues. The initial launch was October 2014, this was pushed back to November 2014, then King Eoghan I announced that the stamps would be launched in an unknown month in 2015.


The original currency of Doland was the Dolandic Dollar before the Keigen-Dolandic Commonwealth, Doland and most other nations in the commonwealth adopted this, when the commonwealth was disestablished, Doland gained the right to use the Commonwealth Dollar for the United-Dolandic Commonwealth

Formula Virtual

On the 24th of November 2014 Formula Virtual was founded by King Eoghan I. Quickly a couple nations joined the championship. The inaugural race of the inaugural season, the 2014 Dolandic V-Prix is to start on the First of December 2014 , times are being posted as the V-Prix page has gone up, Doland was the first country in FV history to post a time.