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Kingdom of Etaria
KoECoat of arm seal

Oh, Canada
New York, Northern America
Capital city Sarjova
Largest city Sarjova
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Christian
Demonym Etarnian
Government Monarchy
- Prime Minister Julius I
- King of Etarnia Declan I
Legislature Etarnian Parliament
Established July 10, 2007
Area claimed 1km²
Population 10
Currency N/A
Time zone UTC -5
National animal Dove
Patron saint St. Mark
Internet Domain (proposed)

The Kingdom of Etaria was founded on July 10, 2007 and is ruled over by HM King Declan.


The Royal Government is the government of the Kingdom Of Etarnia. It is a Federal Absolute Monarchy .The Head is the Sovereign. The Government are based in the Cabinet in the capital of Wiliton. HM The Government is made up with different Departments. The Sovereign appoints the Heads Secretaries of State of each department by merit. Each The Government's department has members of staff who are know as His/Her Majesty's vizors

The ParlimentEdit

The Parliment is the executive branch of the Government. It has sole authority and responsibility for the State. Parliment is the main link between The Government and the Monarch. Appointed Members assists and advises the Sovereign on State matters. The Royal Cabinet comprises of the Sovereign, the Science Minster, Secretaries of State, the Prime Minster , the Consort and the Heir Apparent. There are 10 seats in the Cabinet. The Prime Minster serves in the name of the Sovereign. All Secretaries of State are members of The Parliment of Etarnia. All Secretaries of State are entitled to have the style The Right Honourable and to add the suffix RC after their name.

As the upper house of the Parliment, the Imperial Council is viewed as a more formal chamber than the lower house The Cabinet.

The Council is charged in cooperating with the Royal Council in completing and voting on draft laws. Federal laws concerning budgets, customs regulations, and the consent to ratify international treaties are to be considered by the council after they have been adopted from the Royal Council, where most legislation is introduced.

Special powers that accorded only to the Imperial Council are:

  • Approval of a decree of the King on the introduction of new laws;

The TreasuryEdit

The government's department responsible for and putting into effect Government's financial and economic policies. The head of the Treasury is the Finace Minster

The Foreign OfficeEdit

The HM Government's department responsible for international affairs and promoting the interests of the Kingdom Of Etarnia abroad. The head of the Foreing Office is the Minster of Defence

The Environmental OfficeEdit

The Government's department responsible for environmental issues, conservation and National Parks. The Office was last Department to be created.

HM The Royal CourtEdit

The Government's department responsible for enforcing and upholding the Law and with the The Cabinet writing and amending Acts. After the Monarch, the Judge is the Head of the Court and a Member of The Cabinet. The Judge is responsible for the management and the administration of the Court.Currency

Postal ServiceEdit


All letters must be sent by email and have this stamp picture on it


The currency is the Eurastra




Our news site-


We are planing to start the Etarnian Telivision on You Tube


Acts To create acts Monarch and HM The Royal Council draw up acts. When the The Royal Council agree on the acts they are passed on to the HM Royal Court Of Etarnia to be written up. All acts must be passed through HM The Royal Court Of Etarnia.

Bill of rightsEdit

  • Everyone has equal rights
  • Citizens can not use military documents



We, the multinational people of the Empire of Etarnia, united by a common fate in our race and cultures, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, and provide for the common defense of Etarnia cultures on the European continent. The will to determine its fate freely steadfastly and right to national self-determination. The ethnic Etarnias in England,

Adopt the

Section 1Edit

Artical 1

Artical 2

Section 2Edit

Artical 1

Artical 2

Section 3Edit

Artical 1

Artical 2

Masters Of EtarniaEdit

The Masters of Etarnia are responsible for organising State and Royal Ceremonies and Receptions, looking after the Crown and State Jewels and Robes and for creating and the administration of Coats of Arms, Honours and Peerages..

The Master of CeremoniesEdit

The Master of Ceremonies is responsible for organising State and Royal Ceremonies which include Coronations, State Opening, Investitures, Royal Wedding and Funerals. The current Master of Ceremonies is the 3rd Earl of Etarnia

The Master of ReceptionsEdit

The Master of Receptions is responsible for organising State and Royal Receptions and to produce invitations. The current Master of Receptions is 4th Countess of Morluge

The Master of Jewels & RobesEdit

The Master of Jewels and Robes is responsible for organising and looking after the Crown and State Jewels and Robes. The current Master of Jewels and Robes is 3rd Countess of Corton

The Master of ArmsEdit

The Master of Arms is responsible for creating and the administration of Coats of Arms. The current Master of Arms is 4th Earl of Arma

The Master of HonoursEdit

The Master of Honours is responsible for creating and the administration of Honours The current Master of Honours is 4th Earl of Vargan

The Master of PeerageEdit

The Master of Peerage creating and the administration of Peerages. The current Master of Peerage is 3rd Countess of Eartaik

Military Edit

Etarnia military, the Milta is a military force with primarily an army. Currently there are active plans for a Navy and Air force, but most plans are on hold due to financial incapacities. Military service is opional for men at the age of 18. The Army's primary duty as of now is to safely protect the state leaders, and other important members of government. The Armada currently uses Karate to fight.

We are peaceful and have no intentions of war! : )


5 boats

4 solders

1 land vecal


4 solders

1 spy


Etarnia has The Royal Museum & Art Gallery of Etarnia (RMAGE), which houses the National Art Collection and Bill of Rights


The official language of Etarnia is English, which it descended from Old English. Also French is spoken as a second lanaguage.


Etarnia is mostly an state Christanity and Catholic but there are some religions, which is Islam . Stated in The Constitution religion cannot have any influences and is prohibition in The Government and State matters. The Monarch does not has the style By Grace Of God in their title.


Sport is popular in Etarnia, the main sports are football, tennis and cycling



Etarnia is known for its red velvit cake and its cheese cake


Etarnia sell roses

We will sell them soon at


  1. Julus Manresa Parliment Prime Minster
  2. Nioma Manigrove Parliment Science Minster As of the 2010 census Etarnia has 10 citzens
  3. Declan I King / Parliment Monarch
  4. Josh Manigrove Parliment Money Minster
  5. Amber Tait Parliment House Speaker


The Commonwealth of Etarnia,Morluge and Copan is made of 3 separate nations Copan,Etarnia,and Morluge



Capital: Wilton

Home of the Cabinet

Anthem: Protectors of the Earth

Animal: Lion



Animal: Lion

Anthem: Protectors of the Earth



Animal: Dove

Anthem: O Canada

National ParksEdit

Etarnia has one park, Suavonland

It has a playground and deck


The Nation is ruled by a Monarch The Monarch MUST BE

  1. Be of at least 11 years old
  2. Be able to govern the nation with wisdom
  3. Be a Christian, denomination does not matter

Prime Minster: Julius Manresa (matttac) 2008- Present

Governor : Alezander Murcman 2009- Present

Cabnet: Joshaua Mangrove, Niomi Mangrove.

Monarch: Declan I 2010- Present Currently our king is a non christian


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