The Kingdom of Ezark


Motto: "Live. Unite. Achieve."

National Anthem: Silent Night(temporary)

Denoynm Ezark
Government: Absolute Monarchy
Monarch: Queen Elisa
Established: May 28, 2012
Official language(s):


Recognized Languages:
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • Italian
Population: 10
Capital: N/A

The Kingdom of Ezark is a micronation formed on May 28, 2012. It is currently residing mainly on the internet, hoping to expand further.

It's goals are to keep peace and unite nations together.


It was a long halt for the country to become alive. After long debates with her close friends, her majesty, Elisa, finally finished making vital choices.

After creating the national flag and coat of arms, she finished at 7:05 AM CST.


May 28, 2012: The Kingdom of Ezark was established with a flag, (temporary) Anthem, and coat of arms.

May 29, 2012: Claimed offline territory.

May 30, 2012: Established Diplomatic Relations with Northumbria-Montebourg. Joined the Grand Intermicronational Alliance.

May 31, 2012: Now training armed forces.

Government and Politics

The country is an absolute monarchy. It is currently ruled under the eyes of Queen Elisa, with her worthy advisory of course.

Through and through, her majesty does regard her citizens opinions and feelings of the country. If she didn't, the "Unite" in the country's motto "Live. Unite. Achieve", would void wouldn't it?


There is currently no official law enforcement due to lack of citizens. Although, the Queen herself, does enforce order in her country.


Ezarkians are all required to serve in the military, due to low population. Due to this weakness, the nation relies heavily on supporting allies. As for now, every citizen ages 18+ will be required to serve in the military, with the exception of elders. The only way to be excepted from duty, is from pregnancy or ill.

As of May 31, 2012, citizens who are currently in the service will be trained in melee fighting. This will only be used when attacked, as Queen Elisa does not support war, and will not. Melee fighting will include fist fighting and kendo.


The Kingdom of Ezark currently has diplomatic relations with these nations:


The nation is in the Grand Intermicronational Alliance.


Currently, most of Ezark is based around internet created maps. But, we do have territories to claim. We claim part of the Southern Texas.

Map of Ezark

There is meaning as behind the colors of the map. So far we only claim that one area of Texas, but with time, we will expand.

RED: The red colored area signifies areas we claim.

GREEN: The green area signifies areas we hope to claim sometime soon.

BLUE: The blue area is territory we lost.

So with that said, we have gained physical territory as of May 30th, 2012. We hope to continue prospersing and get double the land we have currently. The next piece of territory we are going for will be the coastal part of Texas.


In Ezark, culture is very...unique. It varies most differently. Though, there is a clear idea of it. Art is a huge part of Ezarkrian culture, also leading daily influence onto the majesty's life. Music and art is a main attraction of the nation, you wouldn't be surprised of the well thought up stories and ideas spoken from natives of the nation.

As for the queen, she is rather intrigued by music and drawings. She also enjoys creating photography.

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