The Kingdom of France
800px-State flag of the Kingdom of France svg1190px-Grand Royal Coat of Arms of France & Navarre svg

Montjoie Saint Denis!
Marche Henri IV
Capital city Chelmsford
Largest city Chelmaford
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Roman Catholic
Demonym French
Government Absolute Monarchy
- Heir-Presumptive The Comte of Atrois
- King Louis XX
Established Kingdom of France 2012
Population N/A
Currency Livre
Time zone UTC+0
National animal Basset Hound

The  Kingdom of France is a micronation located in Europe. Ruled under an Absolute monarchy, it was founded and is ruled over by HM King Louis XX, and is located in Great Britain with its capital as the City of Chelmsford. The micronation was made for people to become citizens of a liberal country and yet still cherish the ways of old fashioned politics


France has no current history but has events to look forward to; i.e. His majesty's coronation, the bill of rights act to be passed in the Kings Counsel and the royal wedding.

Royal Family

The royal family of France is the House of Bourbon and this family is rather large. none of the French people have ever expressed a desire to remove the monarchy. Also, they have never expressed a desire to limit the powers or the reigning monarch. Since the country was founded, the monarchy has been at the center of the culture of this micronation.

Artists impression of what the kings palace, the 'new' Versailles will look like

HRH the Comte d'Atrois is currently the first in line to the throne however the king would like for his niece to become Queen when he passes away. Due to the fact that France adheres to Salic Law, it prevents females from acceding to the throne in their own right.

Government, Legislature and Politics

The Kingdom France is ruled under an absolute monarchy and it is ruled by the King

At the moment there are many cabinet positions, including; - Lord-Home Secretary
- Lord-Minister of Foreign Affairs
- Lord-Secretary of State for Education
- Lord-Minister of Transport
- Lord-Minister of Industry

Due to the positions being available for too long the king has suspended the cabinet and has entrusted the duties into various members of the royal family. to add, the office of Prime minister and the Parliament have been abolished.

Foreign Relations


The Kingdom France has a lot of culture from many differant ethnic backgrounds. Even though there is multiculturalisim at play, The Kingdom France is also a fiercley patriotic country as by their love of the monarchy by which, Marche Henri IV was chosen as the national anthem;

The Kingdom France also has various national holidays;

  • 1 January - New Years Day
  • March/April - Easter
  • 8 May - VE Day
  • 27 August - Foundation Day
  • October - His Majesty's official Birthday
  • 24 December - Christmas Eve
  • 25 December - Christmas Day
  • 26 December - Boxing Day
  • 31 December - New Years Eve


The Kingdom France's currency is the Pound. France imports wood, food and oil while it exports tin.


Healthcare in The Kingdom France is a devolved matter and each county has its own system of private and publicly funded healthcare, together with alternative, holistic and complementary treatments. Public healthcare is provided to all Arnish permanent residents and is free at the point of need, being paid for from general taxation.

Regulatory bodies are organised on a nation wide basis such as the General Medical Council, the Nursing and Midwifery Council and non-governmental-based, such as the Royal Collages.


Education in The Kingdom France is a devolved matter, with each county having a separate education system.

Whilst education in The Kingdom France is the responsibility of the Minister of Education, the day-to-day administration and funding of state schools is the responsibility of Local authorities, Universally free of charge state education was introduced when the state was founded. Education is now mandatory from ages five to sixteen (15 if born in late July or August). The majority of children are educated in state-sector schools, a small proportion of which select on the grounds of academic ability.

Law and Order

The Police is divided into three categories;

The Metropolitan Police(The Police of the capital)

'His Majesty's Police Service' OR 'The Police' (The regular police)

Orders of Chivalry

  • The Statuses of each order in size of the order.
  • Order of the Holy Spirit
  • Order of St George
  • Order of Liberty
  • -Elizabeth II Cross
  • -The Most Exellent Order of the arnish Empire

Awards, Titles and Peerage


St Elizabeth Cross - For Bravery

St Georges Cross - For Valour


  • His Grace (given to Dukes)
  • His/Her Royal Highness (used by members of the Royal Family)
  • His/Her Majesty (used by the Monarch)
  • The Dauphin (oldest son of a King and Heir to the Throne)
  • Prince/Princess(son/daughter of a King or Prince/Princess)


  • Marquis (given to a member of a noble family)
  • comte (comes with the title 'Sir')
  • Baron (styled, The Lord Smith or Baron Smith of Swindon)
  • Vicomte (first son is given courtesy title 'Baron', styled The VicomteSmith)
  • Counte (first son is given courtesy title 'Viscount', styled The Counte of Swindon or Counte Smith of Swindon)
  • Seigneur (possessor of a Lordship)

Titles can be very Long as evidenced by His Majesty's full title;

  • His Most Christian Majesty Louis XX, by the Grace of God King of France and Navarre and other dominions beyond the seas, Defender of the Faith.


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