Not to be confused with, the Imperial Kingdom of Gillia Template:Infobox nation 3 The United Grand Kingdom of Gillia and the Holy People or simply Gillia or the Kingdom of Gillia is a micronation. Currently, we are recognized by many micronations and in an alliance with The People's Commonwealth of Terra Silvae, Kingdom of Tzedek, and Hobian Republic and have one satellite state.


The name of the Kingdom of Gillia comes from the founding and current king, Joshua Gill I's last name Gill and added the suffix -ia.


The Kingdom of Gilla was a constitutional theocratic monarchy formed in 2011 by King Joshua Gill I and re-established as the Kingdom of Gillia (an absolute theocratic  monrachy) in December 2013, which the government was later changed to a semi-absolute constitutional theocratic monarchy, on 4/25/14 it was changed back to an absolute theocratic monarchy. The official flag was made between middle November  and the offical seal was made on the establishment of Gillia. The Tanakh/Bible is the official constitution of Gillia and national book.

Symbolism in the Flag

  • The Hebrew Letter Alef and Ta are the untranslated word represnting יהוה is the beginning and the end as the base for the ten commandment tablets meaning יהוה's law is the basis of the nation
  • The stick figure represting the Pictographic Hebrew Letter He with beaming light means that someone is behold the ten commandments.
  • The Crown on the coat of arms represents that Gillia is a absolute monarchy.
  • The Gillian words on the coat of arms are Gillia's motto "Halala Yahuwa eloda!" meaning "Praise יהוה the Almighty One!"

Foreign Relations


Diplomatic Relation

Recognized Nations

Received Recognition From

Recognized Macronations

  • Japan
  • United States
  • Italy
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Jamaica
  • Puerto Rico (As a independent nation)
  • Mexico
  • Turkish Republic of North Cyprus
  • Canada
  • Monaco
  • Australia
  • Jamaica

Barred from Relations

  • United Territories of Lorien
  • Any other micronations that we didn't list down here, feel free to enter relations with us, we like all nations that don't over lap our claim even the nations that bar us from our relations, even though we have disargeements. We don't discrimitate by race, King Josh is black and he loves all races, white, black and asian, if we were racist, we couldn't call are selves followers of God (as you call him). We're not immoral, we are just very religious and do what is righteous

Satellite States

Administrative Principalities and Cities

Gillian Administrative Principalities and Cities

National Holidays

Note: The dates vary depend on the moon cycle and they begin and end at sundown. (We use the Hebrew calendar)  ^ - after sunset  (Note: New Year's is not a feast day of יהוה, I just put it on the Dates for 2014 so people will know we follow the Hebrew Calendar and this Hebrew year is a leap year)

Dates for 2014

  • Hebrew New Year: Abib(Nisan) 1, 5774 (April 1, 2014) 
  • Passover: Abib(Nisan) 13, 5774/Abib(Nisan) 14, 5774 ^ (April 13-14)
  • Unleaven bread: Nisan 14-21, 5774 (April 14-21)
  • First Fruit/Pentecost: Siwan 10, 5774/Sivan 11, 5774 ^ (June 7-8)
  • Feast of Trumpets: Tisheri 1, 5775/Tisheri 2, 5775 ^ (September 25-26)
  • Day of Atonment: Tisheri 10, 5775/Tisheri 11, 5775 ^ (October 4-5)
  • Feast of Tabernacles: Tisheri 15-21 5775(October 9-15)
  • The Last Great Day:  Tisheri 22, 5775 (October 16-17)


The Rebellion Decree 

If the King rebels against יהוה and his law and doesn't turn from his ways, the police has a right to remove him from office and arrest him, and only forr that reason. His wife shall become a normal citizen and the Crown Prince shall rule in his fathers place, if no Crown Prince was decided, the Queen shall choose a son to be Crown Prince, if there are no sons, the Queen shall choose a male from the King said of the family to rule, if the King has no family members to rule, the Queen shall choose a male from her side of the family to rule and that male shall marry one of The King;s daughters (if he has any). If the Queen has no one to rule from her side, the Queen shall choose a male citizen to rule and he shall change his, his children, and his wife(ves) surnames to Gill and marry one of the King's daughters (if he has any), the decree shall never be in uneffect nor changes be made to it even after King Joshua Gill I dies, only King Joshua Gill I or יהוה and his law can remove or change the decree.

The Hereditary Decree

Any King reign after King Joshua Gill I has to follow and obey יהוה and his laws with all their heart. This decree shall never be in uneffect nor changes be made to it, even after King Joshua Gill I dies, only King Joshua Gill or יהוה and his law can remove or change this decree.

Other decree will be add soon, I'm too tried to type them.


The Kingdom of Gillia currently uses the Gillian Lamaro come from King Joshua's middle name Lamar. 1 Gillian Lamaro is made from golden brass, and it is pegged to  the value 0.17 grams of gold which is equal to 7.76 on 4/24/12.


Currently we have 1, 10, 100, 2, 20, 200, 5, 50, 500, 1(cent), 5(cent), 10(cent), 25(cent), 50(cent)

Lamaro Sign

Lamaro Sign

Currency of Gillia back

Currency of Gillia 6

Government and Politics

The current monarch of Gillia is Joshua Gill. The monarch's style is His/Her Royal Excellency. The King and Queen are the heads of state and government The monarch's serve for life, and since this is a hereditary monarchy, the rule is passed a son of the monarchs, and he shall rule in the his parent's reign ends. The kingdom is divided into 3 principalities that act like provinces or states and 5 regions. A Region is governed by a person with the title duke or duchess (usually the son or daughter). The prinicpality is rule by a Grand Prince or Princess which acts like a governor. There rights and jobs of the Grand Princesses/Princes and the Principalites are..

Goverment Plan

Government Set-Up

  • Create Provincial Laws
  • Enforce Provincial and Royal Laws
  • Remove Provincial Laws
  • Deal with Provincial Problems
  • Report Problems that the prince/princess can't handle
  • Have its own flag
  • Appoint a Prime Minister to run the cities
  • Collect a individual tax for the principality and collect the taxes for the royal family.

Here are the specific thing that the Grand Prince/Princess are the Principalities can't do...

  • Have it's own coat of arms
  • Have it's own police, they will use the Royal Police.
  • Have it own military, the principalities are apart of one Kingdom protect by the same military.
  • Have it's own stamps
  • Have it own currency, they must use the Gillian Lamaro.


Any language can be spoken here but the Official Languages are

  • Gillian(specifically made for Gillia, a bunch words are already made but still more words to be made) (Gillian: Gillian Language, Gileango)
  • English
  • Hebrew


Gillia currently has absolutely no army (yet) and currently is protected by America, but the government is trying to raise $2,000,000,000 to buy weapons, more land, pay for coins to be minted, a public transport helicopter, buildings and hire people to serve for the Gillian Army. The manufacturer they are going to buy from is Boeing. The army motto is "Yadachia onii yuperado!" translation "We will defend!" lit. "Is (not is, I-s (plural I)) will defend!"
Department of Defense Emblem Gillia

The Emblem of the Department of Defense. Gillian letters say "Gillia Arumi" lit. "Gillia('s) Army."

Other Flags

Royal Standard of Gillia

The Flag style is similar to the national flag but, in the circle wears a crown, in the middle is to Js (forward and backward) tangled together wearing a crown representing, King Joshua Gill, and it has King Joshua Gill's name in the ribbon.




Kingdom of Gillia's culture is mix of American and the ancient Hebrew culture. Chicken, Lamb, Hot Dogs, Steaks Chicken Sandwiches and Fries are an everyday meal in Gillia. Some desserts popular there are chocolate cake, and ice cream with chocolate-covered biscuit sticks. Bowing down is showing great respect to others in Gillia. Gillia rough sketch.  Gillia Sketch


Time zone: UTC -5

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