Kingdom Of Graistan

"Freedom From Stupidness"
The EIA Song
Capital city Clevedon
Largest city Forest Hill
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Roman Catholic Church
Demonym Graistani
Legislature Royal House
Established 16/04/14
Area claimed 2km
Population est: 150+
Currency Graistani Lamba
Time zone GMT
National sport Tennis
National animal Labrador
Patron saint St. Peter
Internet Domain (proposed) .gr
Located In Ireland


The Kingdom of Graistan was founded on April 16th 2014.


His Royal Leader Eoghan I and Duke Of Forest Hill Peter were walking along a path in Graistan before independence and decided to secede from Ireland and become independent, the name Graistan comes from the word grass "Gra" and then "istan" to make the nation sound more serious.


The first order of the king was to design IA cards (IS AWESOME) to act as passports, he then designed notes for the Graistani Lamba, Graistans currency and of course the flag and coat of arms. The military was formed and the two states were established, Clevedon and Forest Hill. Currently the Kingdom is looking for a duke to serve Clevedon.


The Royal Palace is located in Clevedon and is the home of His Royal Leader. The majority of conversations with the advisor and Duke Of Forest Hill Peter are made on the phone. When the king or queen dies a letter will be left behind from the dead monarch saying who his/her successor will be. The national anthem is The EIA Song or also known as The Awesome Song. The people of Graistan are Graistani and so are items from Graistan.

Law & Order

The Graistani military currently acts as both the army and police. Due to the small population estimated at 150+ there is no need for serious weapons, just golf clubs and tennis rackets. All judicial decisions are made by His Royal Leader as again due to the small population.

Foreign Relations

Graistan currently doesn't have any foreign relations due to the fact that the nation at time of editing this is only recently declared.


The two united states are Clevedon and Forest Hill, other micronation are allowed to apply for merger with the kingdom but have to be located in the UK or Ireland.

Geography & Climate

Lots of development takes place at Forest Hill but little to none in Clevedon. Forest Hill has lots of residential construction so the estimated population is expected to rise.


The Graistani economy is currently setting up a company called GraistanItems or GI for short that will be responsible for selling all authorized Graistani IA cards notes etc. Apart from that Graistan relies on private investing. All foodstuffs ,drinks ,electricity and vehicles are imported apart from the little homegrown food produced at Forest Hill House. Also Graistan is setting up a media firm known as GIT or Graistan Internet Television which will operate a YouTube channel.


Graistan's culture involves being as awesome as possible which explains why the Royal Anthem is The EIA SONG or locally known as the Awesome Song.


As of now Graistan doesn't have any broadcasting body but has plans for setting up a YouTube channel operated by Graistan Internet Television or GIT for short.

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