Kingdom Of Himalind

Work for Life!!
The Himalayas
Capital city Nohida
Largest city Greater Nohida
Official language(s) Hindi, Nepali, English (Frequent)
Official religion(s) Hinduism, Buddhism
Short name Himalind
Demonym Himalians
Government Military Dictatorship
Legislature Congress
- Number of seats - 29
- Last election - every 5 yrs
Established 2016
Disestablished -----
Area claimed 26,000 km2
Population 1890
Currency juaimal
Time zone GMT +5:30
National dish Fish, Chicken, Potato
National drink Coke
National animal Elephant

Kingdom of Himalind is a Himalayan country, located near Nepal in the Himalayas (bordering Darjiling, India) Currenty Ruled by King Minak Hilnma of Royal Army Party of Himalind.


Himalind's history prior to colonization by the British is shrouded in mystery. Rule of the country appeared to be concentrated in a centralized monarchy headed by a king, while an order of priests preserved the traditions of Himalind's ancient polytheistic religion. This religion was led by the Raj Mehaa, a woman representing the reincarnation of the daughter of the god Banashur, and the spiritual leader of the Himalind people.
The British moved into Himalind in the 1800s and made it into a colony, which later became a staging area for the British invasion of India. In the following years, Himalind's economy was wholly dependent on the mining and exportation of gold, which was carried out by the company HEO. After the British left, the mining boom peaked in the 1950s and was swiftly followed by HEO's collapse, after which Himalind's economy went into free-fall.

Flag of Himalind--------------->

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