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The King recently formed the National Council which has the duty to draft and propose new legislation to the King who has the right to pass it into law or veto it all together. So essentially the King rules by decree.


The King acts as Chief Judge throughout the Kingdom and appoints district judges to act on his behalf.

Viceroyalty of New Jamania

The Kingdom recently acquired its own colony and is seeking a viceroy to act on behalf of the King in governing New Jamania, appointing judges and performing ceremonial duties.


The King has recently formed The Jamania Rangers, a small but effective paramilitary force to man forts around the country, patrol the border, act as the royal guard and perform ceremonial duties.


The Economy is sustained through mainly agriculture and fishing. The countries biggest export is signed photographs of the King. Latest GDP figures suggest the economy grew 4.6% from last year to £345.98.