Basic information

The Kingdom of Kaht is a constitutional monarchy. The Kingdom claims land in three counties and four towns in the states of Virginia and 

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The capital of the kingdom and it's boundaries

West Virginia, as well as Europa, Ganymede, and portions of Mars and the Sun. The Kingdom has a population of (roughly) 14. The predominant language is English, however, Dutch, German, and French are spoken too. The dominant religion is Christianity, although all religions are accepted. The capital city of Kahtsville is located in Botetourt County, Virginia. Other areas that are part of the Kingdom of Kaht are in Greenbrier County, West Virginia, Covington, Virginia, and Fairfax County, Virginia. The

monarchs are Kings E.J. Updike and T.J. Updike. Currently, the Kingdom of Kaht has no active military. The current monarchs founded the Kingdom of Kaht on January 30, 2016, which makes it one of the newest micronations. In the Kingdom, drugs such as tobacco and marijuana are illegal, and alcohol is illegal to people under 21 years old. The national currency is the U.S. Dollar. The national anthem is Het Wilhelmus. The national motto is lustitia semper finis militiae (Justice is always served in the end).


The Kingdom of Kaht's government was influenced by the governments of the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Germany. The reason for the government's structure is that the two Monarchs feel that every human being should have freedom and the right to live happily. The King can choose to resign. If that happens, the next heir to the throne will be king.

Kingdom of Kaht state flag

The state flag of the kingdom

The royal heir does not have to be part of the current kings' family to be qualified as an heir. In times of great need, the Kings may be granted absolute power, but this is only to be done after an official vote. The Kings must consult the citizens before any major changes to the government are made.


Most of the Kingdom of Kaht's revenue comes from the citizens and other private sources. The nation currently has no exports other than salt, pencils, and small technology items (i.e. old video games, old consoles, etc.)


War flag

The flag of the royal military


The Kingdom currently has no active military personnel in other nations, and the government doesn't have plans to station soldiers in other nations unless invaded first. However, the Kings will stop at nothing to protect the homeland. The nation maintains an active home guard, which is tasked with defending the Population from threats. The main weapon of the Home guard is the Grizzly BB rifle, and the most common sidearm is the Stinger P311 airsoft pistol. The Home guard also uses several explosive weapons, usually bottle rockets, Black Cat firecrackers, and (firework) grenades. The Kingdom does have an active navy, comprising of two float-class battleships armed with two water cannons each. The navy is tasked with defending Capital Lake, which is located in the capital city. The air force is the largest branch of the military, with three glider-class warplanes as well as five paper-class fighters and one drone.

Foreign Relations

The Kingdom recognizes all of the nations in the U.N. And it also recognizes the independence of Tibet, Hong Kong, and Kosovo among others. The Kingdom depends on the United States for most of it's basic needs, but the population feels very independent. Currently, the Kingdom of Kaht is neutral among micronations, and it doesn't have any alliances with other micronations. In the future however, and the Kingdom becomes bigger, Kaht might form alliances with other micronations.

States and Territories of the Kingdom of Kaht

The Kingdom of Kaht is divided into four states and four territories. The capital is located in the state of Amsterdam, the most populous state. The wealthiest state is the state of New Covington. The third state is the state of Lillus, and the fourth state is the state of Opdenjok. The largest territory by far is a portion of the sun the size of Neptune, called Arrus. Then, the territory of Grand Olympus comprises of about half of Mars. Europa and Ganymede, two of Jupiter's moons, are also claimed. In the future, the Kingdom of Kaht may annex the star Sirius and the moon Titan.

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