Praa of Kemet


Se Amun (Egyptian) Gift of Amun (English)
Vande Mataram
N/A (split in colonies)
Capital city Thebis
Largest city Thebis
Official language(s) Sanskrit
Classical Kemetic
Official religion(s) Kemetic Religion
Short name Kemet
Demonym Kemetic
Government Praa (Pharaohship)
- High Priest Samrath Harshvardhan Singh Rawlot
- Pharaoh N/A (see government)
Population 3
Currency Raam, Dhanam
Time zone N/A
National sport Mehen
National animal Lion
Patron saint Isis

The Kingdom of Kemet is a Kemetic Government-in-exile micronation based around the world.

Of the most "solid" claims, it claims soveriegnity over Bir Tawil and the boundaries of Egypt in North Africa. The Church of Isis is the main religious denomination of the kingdom. It has international affiliation to the Dharmic International Political Authority.


Kemet is name of Egypt in the Classical and Ancient Egyptian language.


Founded by the "White King" Vidhur Aryavarta in 2012 due to having a "compelling want to do so", claiming it was the will the gods, as chronicled in the Papyrus of Founding.

Ancient Egyptian Paprus


  • High Priest: Samrath Harshvardhan Singh Rawlot
  • Pharaoh: Trace Fleeman
  • Advisers: Various.


the Kingdom of Kemet claims the shrines of registered citizens (and the rest of the occupied territory, e.g. a house) as soverign territory.

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