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Kingdom of Kormosda
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Gratia Dei In Nobis/ God's Grace On Us
The Friendly Nation
West Africa, and Oak Grove, KY
Capital city Kinkowland
Official language(s) English
Official religion(s) Christianity
Demonym Kormosdian
Government Monarchy
- Co-Kings Korteny Mosley and Miguel Guzman
Legislature House of Ministers, and House of Chambers
Established June 28, 2012
Area claimed West Africa, and Oak Grove, KY
Population 100 citizens
National animal Horse

Kingdom of Kormosda is a micronation which was declared independent by King Korteny and King Miguel. After watching Danny Wallace's web series How to start you own country online, The Kings decided to start a "Monarchy with Democratic values." , which according to them is the Kingdom of Kormosda.


The Kingdom of Kormosda was Declared Independent by its Leaders King Korteny Mosley, and King Miguel Guzman on June 28, 2012. The Two Island Kingdom Co-Exist in Peace. 

Government & Politics

The national Congress consist on two Houses. The House of Ministers chosen by the kings to serve on the royal council, and The House of Chambers elected by the people to propose laws to be approved or denied by the kings. The Judicial System consist of the twelve members called the High Council. They are the keepers of peace in any local, national, or international situation.

Foreign Relations

The kingdom is in alliances with: Principality of Senerza, and Kingdom of Rominitii


The national military consists of the best guards of Kormosda.


The country is a friendly nation that does not discriminate against a persons religious beliefs, a persons race, a persons sexuality, or a persons gender. Every Citizen of Kormosda is treated with the equal amount of respect.

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